[Must See] The Top 10 Most Divorced Nations In The World



This came as a surprise and I know it would definitely amaze you also,  I once thought USA is the country with the highest divorced rate until I was surprised with this list

This list makes me think what the fate of the coming generation would be in their marital lives.

So, here is it:

10. USA: 53%

9. France: 55%

8. Cuba: 56%

7. Estonia: 58%

6. Luxembourg: 60%

5. Spain: 61%

4. Czech Republic: 66%

3. Hungary: 67%

2. Portugal: 68%

1. Belgium: 71%

All these figures are so discouraging and it’s time we all found a way out, if the coming generation would have a taste of anything called marital bliss. It is time we woke up from our dreams ! It is time we gave love the chance to grow in our hearts again. And the very time we give up selfishness.

What do you think about this list?