How Manage!! I Did Not Enlarge My B**tocks, Instead I Reduced It – Empress Njamah



Long time actress, Empress Njamah has said people saying she enhanced her b**tocks to make them big are learners and as a matter of fact they actually don’t see well. According to her, she ‘enhanced’ it naturally by losing some body weight which automatically made her b**ts reduce and it was on purpose. Speaking with Kemi Lanre Aremu, the actress said;

I did not enhance my buttocks. I have always had big b**tocks. Whoever says I tampered with my bottom is alearner. I actually reduced my b**tocks because I used to like to wear a particular design and size. As a result, I had to lose weight to fit into it. My bottom reduced when I lost some weight. I’m not against people enhancing their bodies. They have their reasons for doing so but I would rather go to the gym than go under the knife because the after-effect of surgery is worse than going to the gym. If you really want to enhance your body, you can exercise and get the natural enhancement.