YOUR Opinion!! Is It Right For A Mother To Keep Beating Her Adult Son At Age 22?



Well, I and a group of friends headed to a friends house yesterday to talk about certain things ahead of the evening service which was scheduled to hold by 4:00pm

On getting there, we noticed he was always touching a particular part of his head, on enquiry we found out that he got a beating from his mum the previous night because he came back home late around 7pm which led to a disagreement between them.

We couldn’t hold back the laughter grin, though it didn’t last long because it led to an arguement on whether his mum was right to still be beating a nigga who would be clocking 23 or 24 this year.

I’m fully aware that this niggas parents are strict and are really good at dishing out serious beatings since the days of adam and eve, my dad quit beating me when i clocked 13 so I find it really amusing to see a guy in his early twenties still getting some touches from his mum.

Decided to bring it to NL in order to know you guys opinion on this.

And at what age did you get your last beating??

Drop your Comments.

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