Why I Didn’t Donate Kidney To OJB – Third Wife Reveals



OJB Jezreel‘s third wife, Korede Okungbowa has revealed why she was unable to donate her own kidney to her husband when he was in dire need of a kidney for a transplant.

Korede, who bore two children for the late music icon stated that she was ruled out by the doctors, who said it could not have been possible.

‘Initially, when we went for tests, we were all fit to donate, but then, I had just given birth to my baby girl through CS, so the doctors ruled me out. Eventually, it was Mama J (first wife) that was the donor and I was asked to come and take care of them,” she explained.

“In retrospect, I feel good about that opportunity; it bonded the family in a very unique way. It was an emotional time for me. That Jigga had to go through that process was heart breaking and seeing Mama Jay having to go through all that was hurting. There were nights she couldn’t sleep and she cried, and at such times, I couldn’t hold back the pain. So, we cried all through the night together and that kind of drew everybody closer. And all the while, June was taking care of the kids back here in Nigeria.”

It would be recalled that OJB Jezreel suffered kidney failure in 2013 and it was his first wife, Mabel Okungbowa, who stepped forward to save her ailing husband by donating one of her kidneys.

Many had no idea what led to Mabel taking on the responsibility of being the one to donate a kidney to save OJB. She had however said if she did not do it for him as a wife, nobody would.


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