Some Ministers In Buhari’s Cabinet Are Experiencing Accommodation Challenges They Are Squatting In Abuja – Rotimi Amaechi Reveals


The minister of transportation, Rotimi Amaechi has revealed that some ministers in President Buhari’s cabinet are experiencing accommodation challenges.

Amaechi said some of his colleagues are squatting, adding that they understand what Nigerians are going through.

He said “Listen to me; do you know that ministers, as we are talking now, some of them are squatting? We are living in conditions equal to that of most Nigerians.

“For those who don’t have houses, they’re able to rent houses at a cheap cost in Kaduna as against that of Abuja. It also impacts the savings; you have disposable income in your hand. It also impacts on agriculture, agricultural produce, you can transport easily and it will impact on cost of production because at that point, you’re able to move the cargo at a cheaper cost.

“And then whatever comes out of production, will be sold to the people at a cheaper cost. So basically, it has economic importance that would at the end of the day, impact on the socio-economic entities of Kaduna and Abuja.”

The minister also dismissed allegations that he misappropriated funds when he was the Governor of Rivers state.

Amaechi also said “You know I have said I several times, if I was to be the governor, and I have evidence against them, I would go to court.

“Okay, I’m at the court of appeal as former governor and I said ‘can I see the report that says I was indebted’? Till today, they’re not able to produce the report so the case is not able to go on because judges of the court of appeal say ‘we can’t go on except we see the documents to base our judgment on’.

“Till today, Rivers State government is not able to produce the document. So if a man is corrupt, don’t go to radio and TV, produce the evidence.

“No Nigerian is thinking about it; oh Buhari should sack Governor Amaechi he’s corrupt, provide it, he doesn’t need to sack me. What will sack me is to provide the evidence in court; the president will have no choice but to relieve me of my position.”

Rotimi Amechi also said he might put his political career on hold after serving his current ministerial term.


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