Photos: Wizkid Dating his International Manager Jada P?


For a while now there have been rumours that Wizkid and his “International” manager, Jada P, are also in a relationship but the two of them have never come forward to either confirm or deny. She has been with him while he tours/visits several places mostly London, New York and Amsterdam.

Their fans have however been able to follow their working relationship thanks to social media and there is no doubt that the two of them have amazing chemistry.

Wizkid-Jada-P-3-600x616 Wizkid-Jada-P-2-600x755 Wizkid-Jada-P-1-600x605 Wizkid-Jada-P-4-600x608 Wizkid-Jada-P-5-600x624 Wizkid-Jada-P-6-600x543


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