Nollywood Popular Actress Bold Enough To Blast Buhari, What She Told Him Will Shock You

The actress has raised a hashtag war against the president over his inactions as this is not the first time the actress will be criticizing the president.
Nollywood actress Halima Abubakar is not happy with the state of the nation especially the killings of innocent Nigerians and President Buhari’s attitude towards it.
The thespian is also not happy that Buhari is not taking any action in this direction. She took to her Twitter account to share her anger. He anger grew more when someone raised the topic of women protesting over Dino Melaye/ Remi Tinubu’s feud.
And when the post was not getting as many likes as she had expected the actress who also shared her tweets on her Instagram page wrote: “May God help us in this country
The funny thing is that this post will have less like and comments#sheeple#whichway if am in a skimpy dress now,some of you will have earful and mouthful to say” This is not the first time Abubakar will be tackling President Buhari. In a recent interview with Encomium magazine, the actress said: “…
Buhari please, make things happen for us so that other people can eat. As for me, I can eat. But then, will I say I won’t give another person food? Let’s be realistic about it. Buhari should stop saying he understands how we feel. He doesn’t understand how we feel at all. No one can understand how you feel more than yourself.
There’re so many people who go home hungry, and they don’t know what they will eat the following day. But he keeps flying up and down and keeps saying he understands how we feel. The change we voted for, where is it? We need Nigeria stabilized.”


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