‘I Pray To Win A Grammy Award For Fuji Music One Day’, Singer Adewale Ayuba Says



Legendary Fuji artiste Adewale Ayuba talks about the evolution that he has seen happen to the Nigerian music industry, noting that Nigerian music is something to reckon with now, all over the world, giving kudos to the media for promoting artistes and their craft.

He then talks about piracy and copyright infringements as challenges facing the industry, admonishing government to step up their efforts in combating the crime.
Speaking on whether he feels he has been able to pass across his message to the world through his music, the singer says marketing and promotion of his album is a limiting factor in getting his music across beyond Nigerian shores, but he is grateful for the support.
Ayuba also reveals the recording process in releasing a song back then and now, why Sony Records which he was signed to and recorded the very successful album “Bubble” left Nigeria.

The ‘Happy people’ crooner talks about Fuji music acceptance and relevance among young artistes of today’s generation – Nigeria and beyond, speaking of how he tries to blend with the trend to cater for his music while still maintaining the originality he is known for.


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