I Am Living Large,I Drive 3 Cars And I Am The First Yoruba Actress To Live In Lekki – Liz Anjorin


Yoruba actress, Liz Anjorin has fired back at reports she is now broke ,allegedly closed down her shop, sold off her cars and is now selling local gin popularly called paraga..In an interview with Punch,she said

“I have three solid cars. I drive an Envogue, a Chrysler and an Xterra. I am even about buying the fourth car. How would anybody think I am broke? I am almost tempted to curse all those peddling this rumour about me. They are just crazy people.

    “I don’t have a paraga shop. I don’t know where they got the story from. Of all the actresses that have clothing business, just three dresses from my shop would just be equal to the amount they spent on their shops. My shop is worth well over N80m. Can any paraga seller afford the things I wear? I don’t want to brag but people should respect themselves.

“I think an enemy of progress is spreading this news. Anybody who doesn’t like me should go and hug a transformer. I just shot a soap recently; I also released a video. If I am broke, would I be spending millions on these projects?


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