4 Nigerian Actresses Who Have Converted To Islam



It’s a now a common theme for a top Yoruba actress to convert from Christianity to Islam.

The latest Nollywood movie star to have joined this trend is Lola Alao, Read Here.

Here is the List of 4 Nigerian Actress who have converted to Islam in last few years.

1. Fathia Balogun & Lola Alao


Lola Alao whose first marriage crashed in 2008 joins other many Yoruba actresses who are now muslims.

2. Bukky Ajayi


The late actress who was born a Christian converted into Islam in the 80s. She went ahead to give herself a new name Zainab. Till her death she was a staunch Muslim.

3. Moji Olaiya


In 2014 Moji Olaiya who is the daughter of Nigerian music legend Victor Olaiya and was raised as a Christian became a Muslim. She declared that Islam is a religion of peace and revealed that she wasn’t pressurized by any man to change her religion.

4. Liz Dasilva


Three years ago this popular actress converted to Islam a few weeks after the birth of her child. She changed her name to Aishat Olaoye during an Islamic name changing ceremony known as Wonka. Liz DaSilva became a Muslim because the father of her child is also a Muslim. His name is Alhaji Olaoye popularly known as MC Oluomo.

5. Lizzy Anjorin

Lizzy Anjorin

2013 seems to be the magic year for conversion among Yoruba actresses. Lizzy Anjorin switched from Christianity to Islam after the death of her father and adopted the name Aisha.

“It happened in a miraculous way which I have been expecting for long, not that I woke up yesterday and decided to change my religion. By birth, I was half Muslim and half Christian.

“My father was Christian while my mum was Muslim. Growing up I went to church because of my father. I didn’t have a choice at the time but I have always had interest in Islam so immediately my father died I switched over to my mum’s religion” she told City People.



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