Villagers Stunned To Discover ‘Angel From Heaven’ On Beach But ….


Residents of a remote Indonesia village recently discovered what they believed to be an “angel” on a beach.
The human-like figure, described by local news organisation Pojok Satu as an “angel child,” was found by a fisherman on 19 April, who reportedly claimed to have heard it falling from the sky.
Pojok Satu described the “angel” as being “shining white, (with) round eyes with red eyebrows.”
“This angel child also was found face down, crying and naked covered only a white cloth.”

The fisherman took it to a house in his village Kalupapi, where locals sat it in a chair, and gave it a change of clothes and a new hijab each day for the next few days.
Excitement mounted as word of the fisherman’s discovery spread on social media – until, that is, the villagers were informed that their angelic discovery wasn’t an angel at all.
“It was checked by one of our team,” said local police chief Heru Pramukarno. “It was a s*x toy.”

According to, A local man, Iqbal, told reporters he suspected that, despite widespread rumours to the contrary, the doll hadn’t fallen from the sky at all, but had instead been dumped off the side of a passing boat.
It is not known what the villagers decided to do with the doll after finding out the (presumably rather disappointing) truth.


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