Shock!ng Video! Nigerian Soldiers Caught Torturing Niger Delta Students; Force Them To Swim, Drink From Dirty Flood Water

This video was shared on the social media and the Nigerian army were allegedly seen torturing innocent secondary school students in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria, the students were actually forced by the soldiers to swim inside and drink from the flood water.
Watch video below…


  1. This is how u idiot Nigerians keep posting things u know nothing about n condem soldiers,this is not Niger Delta OK this Depot NA Zaria this is wat we call welcome to depot river Shannan OK I am one of the inside that water what it means is that a soldier can be any were without scared of any dirt.u poster better wakeup

  2. It is military training for young female recruits. very mild training. not connected to Niger Delta. Sorry, you missed this

  3. na heavy thunder go fire the idiot wey say na student’s be that, those are soldiers to be undergoing training. and besides this video is not new

  4. Nigerians are too fastforward, they talk, condemn and criticise vertually anythinh they see without critically verifying the truth.May God help usooooo.


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