Serious Case!! See The Nigerian Hospital Which Admits Only Patients with their Own Generators

There’s no doubt that the present economic landscape in the country is not favourable to the average Nigerian, and a clinic has made a drastic decision as a result of the harsh realities.
According to revealing tweets by a Twitter user, Hitsugaya Toushirou – @iaMdaRkpRiNcE, a certain hospital exists in Bauchi State where patients allegedlly bring their own generators to the hospital!
The twitter user recounted his firsthand experience at the said clinic known as Albishir Clinic where he witnessed patients on admission having to bring in their generating sets in order to power the clinic.
The increase in electricity tariff, low generation and distribution of power, staggering increase in the general prices of goods and services, increased fuel price and scarcity and more are some of the many national problems that might cause the hospital to take the drastic decision.


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