(Photos & Video) Mixed Feelings As 6 Months Baby Struggles To Swim While Mother Looks On



Some internet users are having mixed feelings after a video surfaced of a 6-month-old Florida baby struggling to swim as her mother watches on.

The two-minute video, uploaded to Facebook by user Dov, shows the baby girl in a yellow dress being lured out into a pool.

She plunges in and her head goes under, but neither of the adults step in to help her. Instead, they watch as she struggles and ends up floating on her back.

The video — which had been viewed more than 700,000 times by Monday morning — has drawn both anger and praise online.


Watch the Video below:-




Just when we thought the parents are being cruel and wicked, Someone explained what was going on in the Video.

Read what he said below:-

“This baby has obviously gone through infant safety self rescue classes. To pass they need to not only be able to back float like this child but also do it fully clothed in jackets and boots. I don’t see this as cruel. If this baby ever fell into a body of water, she would be able to save herself long enough for someone to come help her. A bigger shame is all the kids who are never taught these skills and who drown in pools and other bodies of water.”


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