“Heaven On Earth”; Checkout This New Magnificent International Airport In Saudi Arabia. (Photos)


The new King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah is 80 percent complete and would be operational on schedule in 2017, according to local media.

The new airport, over 105 square kilometers, is considered one of the most important modern landmarks in the city. It won an award for the world’s best airport engineering project at the 8th Annual Global Infrastructure Leadership Forum in 2015 in terms of specifications and modern technology.

Once all its phases are complete, it will handle up to 80 million passengers a year. It will feature a baggage system over 33 kilometers, 132 vertical lifts, 32 baggage screening machines, and a smart building services management system.

Passengers will have access to information on interactive screens in passenger lounges via mobile applications. It would include self-service boarding and passport checking using photographs and biometrics.

In addition it would have devices to monitor air quality, equipment to control the movement of aircraft on the ground, three centers for central cooling, and treated water for irrigation.

It will have more than 22,000 parking lots for vehicles and buses, with mobile applications that can identify free parking bays, with a lighting system showing which are taken.


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