Six ( 6 ) Things That Kill a Man’s P3nis Without Him Knowing; This Is for Men; Ladies Keep of! Men Be Informed

Every man expects to get boners when it’s time to get down with his partner so it’s really important you know the things that can weaken your boners and affect s*x with your partner.
Below are 6 things that kill your p*nis
If you want hard-rock boners, you need to limit your sugar intake. Sugar affects your body’s testosterone production, making it tougher for you to get it up.
I understand you have to work real hard which means lesser sleep but if you desire to maintain your boners, then you need to get adequate sleep. Sleep is essential for testosterone production.
You probably didn’t want this to be in this list but I am really sorry to disappoint you. Taking too much alcohol lowers your testosterone levels. So easy with the booze.


Running 40 or more miles a week can drop your testosterone level by 17% according to a University of British Columbia research.
5. SPENDING TOO MUCH TIME INDOORS:Spending too much time indoors affects your boners due to lack of vitamin D you fail to receive from the sun and this vitamin is important in the production of testosterone.
6. SOY:
Too much of everything they say is bad and that also includes soy which according to a Harvard Medical School research if consumed too much over an extended period of time could affect your boners.

Guys: See 14 Things You Will Hear From Your Girlfriend Or Wife When You Catch Her Cheating

Image use for illustrative purpose

1. “Baby I’m sorry”
It’s true that most women hate to be at the receiving end when it comes to accepting faults. Once a lady is c@ught cheating she will be the first to tender her apology. Even when they know the apology at that moment is irrelevant. (Would she be if she wasn’t c@ught? No bro.)

2. “It wasn’t me, I swear.”
After an attempt to apologise, some women when c@ught cheating will out-rightly deny their actions, even when you have photo proof. Even if you walked in on them in the act, they could even say you were hallucinating. Some of them are related to one minister like that wey him name start with “L

3. “It is the work of the devil”
It is always the devil, the poor dude has really suffered. Their godmother Eve don set the pace so na follow them dey follow so.

4. “I don’t know what came over me.”
Very common! They try to hide under the pretence of “I don’t know what came over me”. The question is, were they possessed or hypnotised?

5. “He is my uncle.”
Zaga that! Say hello to her long lost relative after that mehn. Note, you’re prolly her cousin (or “balogun the electrician”) to one of her suitors, too, you know. #WehDonMa

6. “He is just a friend.”
Lol, una wan be enemies before?! Hehehe as if we were born and brought up with “BOO” written on my foreheads na. We were never “friends” before or na BoyEnemy I be, not boyfriend. OloriBOOruku somebody.

7. “It is not what it looks like.”
Sure, na chinese film and I came in without buying movie ticket. Lol this is the silliest of them all mehn. It even sounds stupid when I hear it in movies.

8. “I don’t even know him.”
Oooshey! Mama the mama!

9. “It was an accident.”
Along Lagos-Ibadan expressway perhaps. How many casualties were involved dear? Hope no lives were lost?

10. “He forced me.”
Yes. A man who can force a lady from her papa house reach him house through electronic wave, force am into him room, force her leg open and then force himself in deserves a place Guinness Book of Record.

11. “It is your fault; you were not there for me.”
Really? But the other guy was always there for you; before, during and after the relationship? You no even complain? E sa nu mi ooo… Just say you want to kponse and stop littering our ears with lie jare.

12. “I still love you, he is nobody to me.”
Tales by moonlight.

13. “Don’t you trust me?”
I trust you, I swear down, I trust you die.

14. “Please give me another chance”
Like I should give you another bullet to shoot at me again after missing the first time? Do we look like masochists?

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Must See For Men, This Is How To Know If You Have Er*ctile Dysfunction And Seek Help

How many times during the last four weeks did you have the feeling that your bladder wasn’t completely emptied after urination? This article will be extremely helpful to many men.
File photo
Men fear the thought of having erectile dysfunction at any point in their lives. This is because it literally makes them feel useless, even to themselves!
Experts say if a man has an occasional problem achieving an erection, it is really nothing to worry about. However, if he is having a problem more than half of the time when trying to have se xual intercourse, he should make an appointment with his doctor.
Many things can make a man experience erectile dysfunction, and they include lack of sleep, illness, diabetes, heart conditions or emotional stress.
Contrary to what many — including men — think, the pen is doesn’t just rise up to the occasion immediately a man thinks of s*x or even when he sees a stimulating sight, such as a woman’s naked body.
Rather, an erection is a result of several conditions that must work together for anything to happens, urologists say.
So, how do you know if you have erectile dysfunction? These ways…
• How many times during the last four weeks did you have the feeling that your bladder wasn’t completely emptied after urination?
• How many times during the last four weeks did you have to urinate another time within two hours?
• How many times during the last four weeks did it happen that you had to stop urination a few times just to restart again after a few seconds (sputtering out rather than a regular stream)?
• How many times during the last 4 weeks did you have difficulties to delay urinating?
• How many times during the last 4 weeks did you have a soft jet of urine during urination?
• How many times during the last 4 weeks did you have to press or strain yourself to start with urination?
• How confident are you about getting an erection and keeping it up?
• If you had an erection during se xual stimulation, how often was it strong enough to insert your pen is?
• How many times were you able to keep up your erection after inserting your pen is during s*x?
• How difficult was it to keep up your erection until the end of your se xual intercourse?
• In recent times, do you have less cex with my partner because you’re afraid of not getting an erection or not being able to keep it up?
• Compared with three to five years ago, is it distinctly more difficult to get and/or keep up an erection?
• Do you feel tension/nervousness before having s*x?
• During cex, do you intentionally check the strength of your erection?
• During orgasm, is your pen is still very hard?
• Do you smoke, suffer from diabetes or heart disease?
The bottom line: Your answers should tell you whether or not you need to see the doctor without delay.
Source: Counselling Office.

Listen Guys, These Are 12 Things That Kill Your Relationship Faster Than Cheating…Don’t Play With No 6

Businessman walking into bedroom and finding couple in bed

If you want your relationship to flourish, then you must pay good attention to these 12 points that can help save your relationship from collapse.

Cheating is definitely one quick, big way to absolutely annihilate a relationship, but as a recent Ask Reddit thread pointed out, there are plenty of other things that are much more potent when it comes to ruining even the strongest of bonds. Some of the worst things that lead to a breakup (that aren’t cheating) start out small and indiscernible, and that’s what makes them so dangerous.

1. Lying to and hiding things from your partner. Even if you’re doing it out of love to protect their feelings, keeping little things from someone you’re dating can grow into a big problem and cause trust issues that wreck a relationship. As Reddit user canada432 wrote, “You should be able to tell your partner pretty much anything. If you’re hiding something because it would hurt them, then you probably shouldn’t do that thing in the first place.”

2. Bickering about mundane, daily issues and chores. Sure, the argument you always have about whose turn it is to take the trash out seems like no big deal now, but that’s the sort of thing that just becomes a great issue over time, and even worse, becomes ammo for bigger, more serious arguments down the road.

3. Harboring quiet resentment. As VoxMeretricis wrote, “by the time resentment is expressed, the damage is already done” to the relationship. It starts out quietly but becomes something big over time, which is what makes it so damaging.

4. Lack of communication. This doesn’t mean not texting all day every day, but failing to talk to each other about things that bother you when they come up or conveniently leaving out details that you think might cause problems. All that shit just gets bottled up or revealed eventually, and by the time that happens, it’s usually unmanageable.

5. Being stubborn about things or getting entrenched in certain positions. This is just another way of saying “refusing to compromise.” If you like somebody, you should be willing to compromise. Partners who can only handle things if they go a certain way (their way) are basically just in relationships with themselves.

6. Withholding any kind of affection. Whether affection means being really touchy-feely, asking each other intense questions about meaningful things, or helping each other through obstacles, being absent and unaffectionate can cause the kind of doubts in a relationship that end up being irreparable.

7. Condescension. Talking down to a partner is just another way of making yourself bigger or more powerful than them, and a power imbalance is the last thing you want in a lasting, healthy relationship. As messedfrombirth wrote, condescension is worse than cheating because “it makes your self esteem shit,” so even after the relationship ends, you still feel the damage.

8. Staying in a relationship out of convenience. Whether it’s because you don’t want to disappoint your families with a breakup, or because you have concert tickets in six months or whatever, staying together just because you feel you should only leads to bitter resentment and an inordinate amount of fighting and heartbreak, when there was a chance you might’ve been able to remain friendly.

9. Manipulation. This is tricky because it’s often so subtle, and you don’t realize your partner is manipulating you (or you’re doing the manipulating) until it’s way too late. As reallybigleg wrote, “the relationships that have left me ‘broken’ (both of which I left, by the way, so this isn’t a case of heartbreak…) have been through gradual loss of self esteem during the relationship through a process of manipulation by the other partner.”

10. Jealousy. Even without actual cheating, just the suspicion that it’s always happening can be much, much worse.

11. Presenting a false version of yourself at the beginning. This can be as simple and small as pretending to like horror movies when you actually hate them or as big as saying you’re not looking for anything serious when, in fact, you are. It’s best to be upfront from the get-go, because those little things can become huge reasons to breakup over time.

12. Staying together because you’ve become codependent. “You’re together because you’re codependent and neither of you wants to be single,” wrote beaverteeth92. Or in other words, you don’t have chemistry anymore, and the only reason you’re together is so you don’t have to be alone.

Must Read : Nigerian Men See The 5 Types of Women You Should Never Marry

If you are just about to get married, then you need to settle down and go through this so as not to make any mistake.

Here are Five Types of Women You Shouldn’t Marry
1. Spoiled
While fathers love to spoil their daughters, little girls should not grow up to be spoiled women. There is nothing wrong with liking good things and wanting a man to provide for his family. However, when a woman feels entitled to things without making an equal contribution, she is not cut out for a successful marriage. To spoil is to change the character of something because of “excessive indulgence.” If a woman’s character has been compromised because of wealth or material things, stay away from her.
2. Lazy
Laziness is often a byproduct of being spoiled, but some people are lazy without being spoiled. A solid work-ethic is important for a happy marriage. If both spouses aren’t willing to work, marriage will be very difficult. Work-ethic isn’t about drawing a paycheck, it’s about consistently making the effort required for a successful life. Whether at a job, around the house, or in the relationship, laziness will kill a marriage. If a person is lazy while dating, they will likely be just as lazy, if not more so, when married.
3. Unstable
Emotional stability is often overlooked as a key characteristic of a good spouse, yet it’s importance should be obvious. When someone is emotionally stable, they are reasonably predictable. In nearly every case, we know how they will respond. However, when someone is emotionally unstable, we never know what we are going to get. They might laugh at a situation one time and fly off the handle the next time. They might receive a comment as a compliment on one day but then be deeply hurt by the same words the next day. The unpredictable responses can paralyze a spouse. When looking for a spouse, find someone who is emotionally stable.
4. Unfaithful
While adultery is devastating no matter the relationship, when women are unfaithful it is even less likely a relationship will endure. Maybe it’s because men are less forgiving. More likely it is because when women have an affair the relationship is already in deeper trouble. But no matter the situation, any hint of unfaithfulness while dating should cause a man to run.
5. Addicted
No matter how great a woman may be, if she is addicted to drugs, alcohol, gambling or any other destructive behavior, it will likely destroy the relationship. The problem with addiction is the active addict is more in love with their substance than their spouse. While a recovering addict can make a great spouse, an active addict cannot. If you love someone who is in an addiction, tell them to fix the addiction and then give you a call. But do not marry someone in the midst of the struggle.
If your potential spouse is free from these five qualities, it will go a long way in creating a healthy relationship.
– Information Nigeria

Ladies, Take Note! These Are 7 Signs That You Literally Have ZERO Respect For Yourself

black woman confused

It is said that the most admirable thing about a woman is self-respect without which she can be trampled on. These are signs that you have got no respect for your own self.

Here are seven signs you’ve got no self-respect and it’s seriously hurting your life.

1. You’re the “doormat friend.”

If you’re always the one that people ask things for without giving back anything in return, you’re what they call a “doormat.” Do people get away with murder when it comes to you? Are you frequently left picking up other people’s messes? Do people just expect that “you’ll do it”?

If you answered yes, you’ve got no self-respect and are letting people walk all over you.

2. You lose yourself over a relationship.

Do you date men and then in the process, completely forget who and what you are? Do your values go totally by the wayside with the new guy, and do you find yourself doing things you wouldn’t normally do? Are your friends commenting on how much you’ve changed and they aren’t saying it in a glowing manner?

You’ve forgotten who you are and have lost your identity, because you have no self-respect and boundaries in order to stay true to who you are. It’s sad.

3. You act like an attention w***e.

It’s not unusual for you to post a half-unclad, or totally unclad or provocative social media selfies. Not because it’s artistic. Not because you want to share a day or night you looked pretty. Not because you’re proud you lost the baby weight or are about to compete in a bikini or weightlifting competition. Not because you’re a model.

It’s because you’re dying for validation that your low self-esteem cannot provide. Instead, you sink to becoming an image or symbol in order to gain attention, which isn’t the same as love. You lack self-respect and self-love.

4. You indulge your bad habits in excess.

You’re drinking, drugging, self-harming, and the list rolls on. You’re punishing yourself and your body. You’re down with a sickness that can kill you. You don’t love yourself, much less care for yourself. You have zero self-respect for yourself and your life. It’s scary and sad.

5. You go out of your way for people who don’t do sh*t for you.

You will move every single mountain for someone who wouldn’t look you straight in the eye for one second if he or she had the chance. You will make excuse after excuse for someone who would throw you under the bus in a heartbeat.

You go out of your way for someone who would do nothing for you. That’s a big sign of a complete and utter lack of self-respect.

6. You tolerate abuse.

You tolerate abusive partners and nasty people because you somehow have bought into the one or two times they were nice to you. Instead of focusing on all that they do each day, you keep remembering the one or two times they treated you nicely.

The writing is on the wall, though, and it’s clear that these “partners” aren’t kind to you. It’s painful for your loved ones to see that you have such little self-respect for yourself.

7. You have desperate, casual s*x.

A woman with no self-respect has s*x in a desperate attempt to make someone else love her, even though that won’t do the trick. A woman with no self-respect will have s*x with someone because she’s forgotten how to say no, forgotten she has the rightto say no, and doesn’t have the strength to fight it.

WOW! Is This The Worst Proposal Ever? (Photos + Video)


Man gets his friends to dress as fan Armed robbers, ambush his girlfriend and shove her face to the ground before he pops the question, and she still says YES!

A young man had his friends put on balaclavas, pull his terrified girlfriend out of his car and shove her face-down on the ground – all so that he could propose to her.

Unsuspecting girlfriend Alexandra thought she was just going out for a car ride with her boyfriend Vlad Lungu and was clearly not expecting the ‘police ambush’.

Vlad was driving the car and she was sitting in the passenger seat as they drove down the quiet street in his native city of Brasov in central Romania.

See more photos below:-

proposal 4

proposal 5

proposal 6 (1)

proposal 8

After realising that it was all an elaborately-planned wedding proposal, Alexandra takes a few moments to recover from her fright and looks close to tears.

After several seconds of laughter, Vlad eventually asks: ‘Will you marry me?’ and Alexandra nods and quietly says: ‘YES

proposal 1

The entire scene was recorded by another friend and posted on social media where it got almost 1 million views in just a few days.

Awww… so sweet. Watch the Video below:-

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5 Unnecessary Things Warri Girls Do In Relationships


Warri, a popular city in Nigeria’s southern region is one place to find very beautiful and attractive women if you are in search for one. Not only are they physically endowed, they tend to be the “ride or die” chick that most guys look for.

As expected, these girls are not a 100% perfect as there are certain things they do in relationships that are completely unnecessary and even a little cruel. Visiting Warri and looking to date a girl from the city? you may want to check out Jumia Travel’s list of 5 unnecessary things Warri girls do in relationships.

Demanding freebies from the man

Warri girls rarely ever plan to spend any of their own money on drinks at the bar or club. Instead, they count on their feminine wiles to convince guys to shell out for their libations. Likewise, when they are in a relationship, even if they are truly and genuinely in love with their partners, they expect to get freebies such as salon/hair money, cab fare, e.t.c.

Buying Presents for His Relatives

Warri girls tend to believe that a great way to get a man to commit is to ensure his family accepts and loves them. In a bid to secure their position as the favored “wife”, they tend to buy presents for the guy’s parents, siblings, and relatives. This is really unnecessary though as in reality, a man’s commitment is never based on how close you are to his family or how much investment you have made financially.

Wearing the Jersey of his Sports Team

Really? It is not uncommon to find a Warri girl who has no clue about football or who secretly loathes watching the game wearing the jersey of a football club with a random dude’s name on the back just because it’s her boyfriend’s club. Even worse is when they actually have a favorite team and instead don the colors of their man’s obsession because he asked them to

Staying Overnight at His Place Every day

The Warri girl wants to ensure she knows every activity the man has lined up and so rather than just spend the weekends with him, they include weekdays. They suffer the stress of preparing an overnight bag every single day. In fact, some just move in and redecorate. This is really unnecessary. Moving in with a guy before you are married is not a huge motivating factor for a Warri man or even any man who wants to fully commit to the relationship or move it forward.

Beat up the other girl or their boyfriend

This is rather cruel but is a common occurrence with Warri girls in relationships. In the case where their partner cheats on them, they track down whoever he cheated with and beat up the girl or in some cases beat both the girl and their boyfriends up. Most of them do not hesitate to inflict any kind of physical pain on their partners without fear of repercussion. This is highly unnecessary, though, as the best solution to a cheating partner is usually to leave him.

5 Real Reasons Why Nigerian Girls Can’t Do Without Make Up

People have a lot of opinions about women who wear makeup. Questions like ‘why do you wear it? Isn’t that too much? You don’t really look better with it and so on are some of the things these women deal with.

The truth is that there are many reasons why women wear makeup, and they rarely have to do with gaining approval from anyone else. Are you one of those who do not see the need for women to wear make up?

Well, Cliqloaded brings you 6 reasons why some Nigerian girls can’t do without makeup.

1. Are you sick? Many people don’t want people thinking they are sick or depressed, so they just put their make up on. These kind of questions pop up many times on a day a woman doesn’t have her make up on.

2. Increase Confidence: For instance, some women have a lot of pimples on their faces. This sort of gives them low self esteem but with make up on, its like they got their groove on and could conquer any territory.

3. Its fun: It is an aret. Women automatically feel like Napoleon or Da vinci when they apply their make up. It gives women the right to play with colours and express themselves while bringing to bare their other sides.

4. Feel pretty: Its not like most women feel ugly without it (although some of them do) but wearing make up properly makes many women very prettier.

5. Self love: Many people are of the opinion that women who wear makeup do it to get the attention of guys, but the fact, women who wear makeup, do it for themselves. It makes some of them happier and feel better about themselves.

Add yours.

VERY INTERESTING!!! These 11 Photos Tell A Hilarious Nigerian Valentine Story


The 14th of February is a big deal, packed with many stories that run the gamut from proposals to breakups. These photos tell an interesting Valentine story.

1. When it is the 12th of February and your bae hasn’t said anything about your valentine date.


2. When your man tries to pick up a fight with you before Valentine.

You muzzbe joking.

3. Then it’s the 13th and one girl tries to snatch your boo.

Karishika fall and die!

4. When you hear that your age mates are getting all expense paid romantic trips to Paris in this economy.


5. And you have to start explaining to your friends that you and bae are ‘staying low and building.’

Nene l*akes hi haters

Henemies stay in your lane.

6. So you plan a contingency just in case he disappoints.

Nene l*akess

Trust no one.

7. Valentine morning comes and no ‘I love you bae’ text message yet.


Is he breaking up with me?

8. Then the text comes and it can fill one foolscap sheet.Clapping crying

Oh me Gaaad.

9. And at the end of the message, he says ‘meet me at so-so place.’


Enemies scatter!

10. And bae is acting suspiciously and doesn’t want to remove his hand from his pocket.

Could this be the date with destiny.

11. And then he pulls it out.

b*****d baby.

And then you die.

Source:- Party Jollof