7 Basic Lies Guys Normally Tell Girls This Days To Get Them And Sleep With Them, Ladies Read This To Avoid Guys Keep Using you

As a lady you should beware and never believe everything a man tells you. It’s left for you to discern if he’s being honest or is a player and trying to seduce you.
Here are common lies men tell to get a woman into bed.
1. “I never do this”: He wants to score , so he’ll make you feel special and take away the thought of you being ‘just another girl’ away from your mind.
2. “I can’t wait to be a dad”: If you are all for family first, he’ll make you think he’s serious about marriage and wants to have kids. This is in turn will make you feel like you’re sleeping with a potential husband which is very deceitful.

3. “I’m single”: He can’t tell you he’s in a serious relations because you’ll run in the other direction. He’ll make you take his word for it but the best people to ask his true status are his friends.

4. “I Just want to cuddle”: Well… when cuddling gets too much, we all know what happens.
5. “You are amazing”: He’ll never stop
complimenting you till he gets into your pants. Don’t trust everything he says.
6. “I have a job that pays well”: This are for girls that love the high income earners. He’ll always tell you he earns up to six figures and may pose with materials things to prove it. Well, till he gets you into bed.
7. “I won’t tell anyone”: You may be worried everyone is going to hear of how you slept with him and he’ll certainly assure you he won’t tell to calm you down. If he’s the cocky type, it won’t
take long for him to blab to his friends.

To All Lovers: Check Out the 7 Mind-Blowing S*x Tips to Heat Up Every Night This Cold Season

The cold season has once again hit the nation when people will cower under bedspreads at night for warmth. These are certain s*x tips to chase the winter cowering from you at night.
It’s getting dark early and temperatures are plunging – but that’s no reason to put your s*x life on ice.
While you might shiver at the idea of peeling off for some naughty fun, there are plenty of benefits to a winter romp.
We’ve teamed up with s*xperts Tracey Cox – who has her own range of adult toys with Lovehoney – and Ann Summers’ resident s*xpert Eve Fifer to give you some tips to make this winter the hottest ever.
Why Have Winter S*x?
There’s a whole host of seasonal health benefits to romping these dark days and nights away.
They include supporting your immune system and helping to ward off pesky coughs and colds, and even battling cancer.
Tracey says: “It’s all too tempting to snuggle into a thick woolly jumper when the mercury drops, rather than your partner.
But scientific research proves winter is actually the best time to indulge in some racy romps.
“Sex boosts your immune system – which is rather handy when surrounded by sniffing, sneezing commuters.
“Research shows s*x also improves brain function and reduces stress levels. If you’re a man, regular intercourse may even significantly reduce your risk of developing prostate cancer.
“Another bonus for blokes is a 16-year US study which found men who had s*x at least twice a week were up to 45% less likely to develop life-threatening conditions such as heart disease than men who got fruity less than once a month.
“Nothing gets the circulation going and warms you up better than a vigorous s*x session.”
1. Get In The Mood
When it’s cold, it can be difficult to get in the mood for stripping off and having s*x.
But you can boost your mood and libido – and even drag yourself away from binge watching the latest box set.
Eve advises: “If you’re struggling with the actual ‘just do it’ feeling after a long, working day, then start by building the anticipation early, before you both get home. Start with a cheeky text early in the morning.
“Be suggestive about what you want to do this evening, or send a naughty pic (even cash in a s*x cheque!).
“This is sure to boost your mood during the day. We love a build up.
“When you get home, there is nothing wrong with a quickie in-between the ad breaks, so grab a blanket and keep staring at the TV while you work your magic on each other, without the cold interfering at all.
“You may need to rewind whatever you’re watching by the finale, as more than likely your mind will be elsewhere.”
2. Dress For The Occasion
A pair of snuggly PJs, a comfy onesie, some fleece-lined trackie bottoms – the perfect winter attire right?
Well think again – as the winter is no excuse to dress like a slob.
Tracey says: “We eat more in winter and as the scales go up, our desire for s*x goes down. The thought of exposing our less than-perfect bods isn’t appealing.
“By all means cover up – just not in scruffy old track suits.
“Ladies, try investing in lingerie which covers up your wobbly bits – but still gets your partner going.
“Baby dolls hide a podgy tum, corsets slim you down while hiking up your b**bs, black stockings slim your legs.”
3. Boost Body Confidence…By Having More S*x
Eve reckons you can get over any body confidence issues by getting down to it more often.
She says: “One of the best ways to feel confident in the bedroom is to have more s*x. Having body hang-ups is one of the major reasons we don’t have plentiful s*x.
“You can also pick a position that works best for your body consciousness. For example, being on top and leaning backwards, is great for elevating those pesky tummy rolls.
“If you still feel that you don’t want to expose your wobbly bits, then cover up. Play dress up with Mrs Santa or a cute baby doll chemise with simple stockings or hold ups to shoot you into s*xy town.”
4. Change The Location
You might think your warm cosy bed is the best place to romp – but keep things fresh by venturing elsewhere.
Tracey says: “Sex in an erotic, exotic playroom is super exciting.
“Soundproof it for kids/flatmates/your mother when she comes to stay. Heavy curtains and carpets soak up sound.
“Get the lighting right. For the most flattering angle, light from below or at eye level. Tea-lights on saucers do the job (though best to keep them a safe distance from bedcovers or enthusiastically thrown bras, knickers or boxers).
“Dimmers are the next best thing and can match whatever mood you’re in.”