WTF! See What Woman Did To Her Boyfriend After He Propsed (Video)



A woman Nicknamed “Min’er”, from Chongqing city in south-western China had a terrible moment when her boyfriend proposed to her instead of the conventional excitement that comes with it.

Miner found love with a young man she believed was her everything, who knew every detail about her including her least favourite flower.

That faithful day, Miner’s boyfriend decided to make the relationship official and decided to propose in a public space in what he thought would be the most romantic thing to do. He invited his would-be bride to the arena, with a large crowd of people watching and videoing the magical moment.

The less-than smart man got on one knee, professed his love for his girlfriend and voiced his wish to spend the rest of his life with her.

To Miner’s surprise, after placing a cute ring on her finger, he proceeded to present her with funeral flowers which clearly, was picked up from the burial ground as it was labelled with a name.

In between despair and disappointment, Miner looks at him for a while and when she realised he had no clue or was pretending to have no clue of what insult he had just placed on her in public, she lands a dirty slap o his face and walked away while he was still down on one knee.

People are calling it the worst proposal ever.

See video below;


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