WOW! See The Powerful Message Femi Fani Kayode Sends To GEJ On His Birthday


It was the birthday of the former president of Nigeria yesterday of 20th of November 2016. Many  people including the top personalities in and outside Nigeria wished the democracy with many accolades. Femi Fani-Kayode also sends a powerful message also and we decided to put it up for our loyal readers.  Read below:

Happy 59th birthday to Goodluck Jonathan, a man of honor and peace and one that has brought so much joy and hope to millions. You have proved to the world that African leaders can be competent, kind, gentle, humane and selfless. You have everything to be proud of and much still lies ahead for you in the affairs of our nation. You are the light amidst the darkness: a man that was prepared to let go of power whilst others crave for it, abuse it and are obsessed with it.

Had it not been for that single and historic decision that you made to concede the election last year and congratulate your opponent, Nigeria would have been plunged into a cauldron of fire and the greatest and most bloody civil war that the world has ever known. You let go not because you lost but because you wanted to deny those that have been afflicted with an insatiable blood lust and that take delight in carnage and violence the opportunity to unleash hell on Nigeria and slaughter millions of innocent souls. Instead of thanking you, those same forces have repaid your good with evil.

Yet God will judge them at the appointed time and He will reward you for your love, warmth, kindness, gentle nature and selflessness. Nigeria, nay Africa and indeed the entire world, will never forget you and though we are suffering the most barbaric and relentless form of persecution today, those of us that lined up behind you during the struggle for power last year are still very proud of you. Congratulations and many happy returns to you Mr. President. Keep shining and keep smiling because despite all we see today the future is still great and bright. For you it is not yet over. Have a great day.




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