Why Chidinma Okeke Was Given An Award Despite Her L*aked L*sbian S*x Tape



Former Miss Anambra, Chidinma Okeke who was honoured with an award despite her l*sbian s*x tape has generated more controversy.

Following the controversy generated by the organisers of Miss Diva Awards who recently honoured former Miss Anambra, Chidinma Okeke despite the controversial l*aked l*sbian s*x tape, the organisers have come out to explain why it took such a step.

Through one of its spokesperson, Chijioke “Mr. Decency” Awugosi said: “Chidinma didn’t have to meet any criteria to receive this award. It was solely the decision of the brand to honour her.

“We are aware of the controversy that will come with it. But we hope that in due time, every well-meaning and reasonable individual will see the reasons behind the award.”

Chijioke said the award was given as a way of helping young girls who have been exploited and used by greedy Nigerians.

“We chose to stand with Chidinma right till the very end. We’ll give her every support we have at our disposal; morally, psychologically, legally.

She is an icon and through her we can reach out to thousands of girls who have or are on the verge of being s*xually exploited. It is a civilized world, we shouldn’t be so judgmental.”


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