Very Lucky Man!! Man Goes To Withdraw Money From ATM, What Happens Next Will Shock You



In what has been termed an early Christmas miracle, a Man walked in to use a cash machine, only to get the surprise of his life, as the machine started spitting out cash indiscriminately.

Unsuspecting ATM user, get an early Christmas gift.

A CCTV footage shows a man in sunglasses and a hat walk up to an ATM to make a cash withdrawal in Malaysia.

However, after he finished his cash withdrawal, he got the shock of his life when the ATM cash machine went haywire and cold hard cash rained down on him.

It must have been the luckiest day for the unsuspecting customer, as the ATM continue to spew cash amounting to about $10,000 in Malaysian Ringgit, which is about £1,800.

CCTV footages of the cash flow went viral after being posted on LiveLeak, amassing over 38,000 views in less than 24 hours. According to user Plokiju, who posted the clip, the machine accidentally dispensed $10,000 in Malaysian Ringgit, which is around £1,800.

The unidentified man, did not hesitate in picking all the cash as fast as he could.

As of the time of filing this report, it was yet to be known whether the man returned the money, or if it actually came from his own bank account.

What will a true Nigerian like you do in this situation?

Return am to the Bank or Government abi? like a good person like me.

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