Unbelievable! This Man’s ‘Halloween Outfit’ Is The Best You Have Ever Seen (Photo)



Following the just concluded Halloween party held abroad, a Nigerian man identified as Ernest Danjuma Carter was seen in the club dressed like the famous bread seller, Olajumoke Oris*guna.

Ernest Danjuma replicated the Olajumoke’s look and stepped out to the club to celebrate Halloween with them. He was seen in a ‘red gown, white polo top, a wig and a tray with bread in it’ and posed for a picture in the club.

As a Nigerian who immediately knew where her friend had gotten the look from, famous Nigerian video director Kemi Adetiba, took to her Instagram handle to post the picture of her friend and the famous bread seller with the caption:

“This is just one of the many reasons I love @thedanjuma. He is one of the most brilliant minds you will EVER engage with (albeit twisted) but homie still knows how to let loose and have fun. This twat actually entered a club and partied like this. My friend Danjuma IS A FOOOOOOOL!!! #Halloween”

Nigerian tho!


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