The Top 7 Types Of Nigerians You Will Find On Instagram



Nigerians will always find a way to get their best out of everything, Instagram which is the best photo sharing social application in the world is filled with different types of people in the world. But when it comes to Instagram Nigeria, then there are exclusive types of people you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Here are the types of people you will see on Instagram Nigeria:

1.The Foodie/Chef:

These ones are only there to intimidate yo with the pictures of their new delicacy, They always flood your page with interesting pictures of food that would make you receive the divine feeling of getting hungry immediately.

2.The Comedians/Clowns:

These ones are only there to upload  short comedy videos, they will crack you up and make you laugh out loud. People often know many of their usernames offhand. But some are not even funny as they can’t even make a happy person laugh, probably their family and friends are the only one who laughs at their dry comedies.

3. The Fashionistas:

OMG! These ones will make you look at your wardrobe to burn all your clothes, They only upload pictures of them in dazzling and expensive outfits. They look like celebrities. They have popular captions they add to their pictures, e.g s#dope #slay and many more English words turn slang.

4.Make Up Freaks:

These ones are naturally ugly, pardon me for using the word ‘ugly’. But with the help of some heavy make ups, they become angel with spotless skin suddenly. Many at times, they put the picture of them without make up beside the one they’ve done the make up to show you the power of their new transformation.

5.Love Birds:

I pray these ones make heaven. Because they will only be intimidating you with pictures of them and their lovers in hot intimate mood, that would leave you wan to cry to God to answer your prayer as you are also single and searching.


I don’t understand how someone will upload a picture now and the location will show Lagos, and few minutes later they upload another picture and show Abuja. Moments later another location will show, I just pray one day, they don’t land in Sambisa.

7. Entrepreneurs:

You will have to check their accounts back to a year ago before you can see their real pictures. They only fllod their accounts with pictures of the products they sell. They can upload 50 pictures at a time. What annoys me most is that they don’t add price to heir products even if you have interest in buying them, you would have to add them via whatsapp or BBM to talk to them so later they will keep disturbing your life with BC messages.


Instagram Nigeria is so full of fun! Which of these types of people do you see on your instagram page?


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