See A Particular Nigerian Senator Caught For The Third Time Sleeping In The Senate During Session (Photos)

A serving senator representing Benue North-East Senatorial Zone, Barnabas Gemade who is in the habit of sleeping on duty on the floor of the Senate, has been c@ught for the third time, IdomaVoice reports.
He was c@ught for the third time sleeping in the senate chamber while his other colleagues were busy reading and making corrections on a particular bill on Thursday.
Just some four months ago, Gemade was also c@ught on camera taking a nap while proceedings was going on in the house. Also in 2015, the same legislator was also c@ught sleeping while on duty in the senate.
Nigerians which way ooo!!!! Is this how our senators get paid for doing nothing but sleep? Anyway I leave the matter for you guys to share your opinion.


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