See 6 Surprising Habits That Can Render You Impotent, Most Men Are Guilty Of Number 3



Impotence – the inability to achieve or maintain an erection, and in some cases the inability to achieve ejaculation, is one unfortunate problem that has the power to destroy homes and relationships due to the stress and emotional trauma it comes with.

While a good number of infertility/impotence cases can be linked to diseases or some other health related problems, studies have shown that there are many simple and seemingly harmless everyday habits of men that could induce it. Note that it usually manifests in form of erectile dysfunction, weak erection, premature ejaculation and the likes.

Here are 6 everyday habits that could be killing your sperm cells and affecting your s*xual health without you even knowing:

1. Smoking:

Smoking adverts usually come with a warning that ‘tobacco smoking is dangerous to health’, many people overlook this warning and still indulge in the habit; what most people don’t know is that in addition to the risk of cancer, smoking also affects your chances of producing healthy sperm and could cause problems in your bedroom performance over time – problems like premature ejaculation and even weak erections.

These can however be fixed by quitting the habit and using appropriate treatments; click here to learn about natural remedies to fix weak erection.

2. Alcohol consumption:

Excessive alcohol consumption is also a habit that can really mess up a man’s s*xual and reproductive health. While it may seem like a harmless everyday habit to many, it’s effect on fertility and s*xual performance can be saddening.

Don’t be deceived by the temporary highness it comes with, excessive alcohol can be cause of your low bedroom performance, learn how to fix by clicking HERE!

3. Wearing tight underwear and trousers:

This is one point that too many men take for granted; there is absolutely no good reason to keep your manhood choked up with very tight underwear, shorts or trousers – wear them in your size!

The right size to wear is the one that lets your organ breathe without bending it in uncomfortable positions that end up ruining your performance and fertility. If you are guilty of this and have been having problems in the bedroom, change this terrible habit and get the right treatments NOW!

4. Stress:

Stress has a way of affecting your overall health. Physical and mental stress causes an unhealthy mind and subsequently, an unhealthy body. Stress is also one of the biggest problems that can affect a man’s performance and fertility over time.

Take time to let go of the stress, do not think too much, work hard but find time to rest both body and mind – this point cannot be overemphasized!

5. Unhealthy eating habits and malnutrition:

Nutrition is very vital for the overall health of a man; don’t just eat a lot of food, eat the right kinds of food, try to balance your diet; you don’t even have to spend too much for this. Be sure your diets include the vital classes of food. Various supplements also exist to make up for vital nutrients you may be lacking.

A healthy body produces healthy sperms and with the right solutions you can enhance your s*xual health.

6. Drug abuse:

The abuse of drugs like marijuana and other recreational drugs can seriously mess up a man’s s*xual health; most people indulge in drug use without realizing the grave impact it has on their health, if you are one of those people, you should know you are better off picking up a different form of relaxation.


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