Revealed: How Nollywood’s Alleged Phone Thief, Seun Egbegbe’s Charms Failed Him at Computer Village

As the news of Toyin Aimakhu’s ex-boyfriend, Seun Egbegbe’s iPhones theft saga continues to trend on the social media, fresh reports have emerged that the filmmaker uses charms.
Seun Egbegbe being allegedly c@ught and beaten for stealing iPhone 7
Recall that we reported few days ago that popular Yoruba film-maker, Seun Egbegbe, the estranged lover of popular Nollywood actress, Toyin Aimakhu, was c@ught, beaten by angry mob and was later handed over to the police at the popular Computer village, for allegedly stealing iPhones.
We also reported that the multi-millionaire movie producer who was officially charged to court by the Lagos State Police command earlier on Thursday morning at the Magistrate court in Ikeja after spending two nights in custody, pleaded not guilty, and was later granted bail.
As the news of Seun Egbegbe’s iphones theft saga continues to trend on the social media, fresh reports have emerged online alleging that the Lagos-based film-maker uses charms.
Speaking exclusively to DailyPost, a source privy to the theft incident revealed that Seun Egbegbe’s charm failed him on the said day.
“How do you think Egbegbe would walk into the mall accompanied by a young man, his voodoo accomplice, maybe, requesting 9 iPhones.

“What does he need 9 iPhones for? Is he a phone dealer? His charm would have made him invincible, that was why he took them (phones) to his car parked many metres away without prior notice to the phone attendant.
“Or maybe the sales person would have become dumb or blind or something like that until he was off the environment. As if to say he hypnotize the sales person.
“The reason he walked away was because he uses charm.
“When the sales boy ran after him to demand for the money, Egbegbe claimed he had paid; that he should be left alone. He entered his vehicle and was zooming off when the sales boy shouted, held on to him, while both exchanged blows.
“His accomplice escaped, maybe to go back to the babalawo that the charm failed. This is how all these celebrities and public figures so to speak, go around seeking for spiritual powers. They flaunt their wealth but do you ever wonder how they get it?,” the source said.


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