Pure Magic! See the Before and After Makeup Photo That Has Got People Talking (Photo)


A new photo making the rounds on social media and showing a woman’s before and after makeup face has got people talking.

The photo which portrays the power of makeup, shows a woman’s before and after makeup faces with two images placed side by side.
The first image shows a woman with a face colored by dark patches.
The second however shows a woman with a clearly more refined face sparkling with renewed feminity.
Obviously it is the same woman with the darkened face that was transformed into the other.
Although the woman’s identity is not yet known, her stunning transformation has gotten many social media users talking, with many accusing her of fraud.
“This is very wrong! Very deceptive. This is how they will be deceiving us up and down. Mtchewww” one wrote
Another barked: “I don’t just understand why women do this thing women do. They are just full of deception”
Others were however took sides with the woman praising the ingenuity of the makeup artist.


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