Panic In Church As Woman Allegedly Slumps And Dies During Deliverance Service (PHOTO)



Church members were forced to scamper to safety after a 46-year-old woman collapsed and died during deliverance time at Prophet Adventure Mutepfa’s Revival Centre Church’s Dangamvura assembly last Sunday, leaving congregants in shock, H-metro reports.

Many of the church members expressed shock as they had no idea that the woman identified as Pedzai Muyambo who left home for Revival Centre Church all smiles would come back home in a funeral hearse.

While speaking, a member of the Revival Centre Church who witnessed the incident expressed shock over the matter.

“It is normal in our church to fall down during worship or deliverance service. She fell down and everyone thought it was the Holy Spirit working on her. It was until 5pm when someone alerted the church authorities that Sister Pedzai was lying motionless on the ground.

“They tried to deliver her because they thought she was possessed by evil spirits, but all their efforts were in vain.

“She never moved an inch. That is when she was rushed to hospital and was pronounced dead upon arrival. It is a sad thing and we are still shocked,” she said.

However, in an interview at the Muyambos’ home in Dangamvura high-density suburb on Monday, one of the church’s youthful pastors who rushed Pedzai to hospital, Pastor David Waerera, dismissed claims that she had died at their church premises, but at hospital.

Neither did Sister Pedzai fall during our church service, nor inside the church building. It was after the service when people had all dispersed that she was carried back into the church in an unconscious state.

“We quickly rushed her to hospital, but it took us 45 minutes for her to be attended by a doctor. Finally when the doctor came to examine her, she was pronounced dead,” said Pastor Waerera, who added: “You should have facts of what you write about and not to speculate and rely on rumours.”

Pedzai’s family, however, dismissed claims that their daughter’s death was a mysterious one that should be probed. They agreed to have post-mortem waived.

Mr Muyambo, Pedzai’s father said he was devastated by the death of his daughter, but his family had agreed that post mortem should be waived. He argued that it was a natural death that only God could explain.

He, however, said she was not ill when she left for church early that Sunday as had been alleged by their neighbours.

“I heard that. They were seated on one bench with someone else and when the prophet walked past them, the other person fell because of the power of the Holy Spirit. Pedzai later fell down because the bench tilted as it was no longer balanced. That is all I heard from someone who was at the church with her,” said Mr Muyambo.


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