Omg! Security Operatives Beat Up Mother and Her 2 Kids in Public (Photo)


A mother and her two kids were humiliated, assaulted and beaten up by security officers in broad daylight. People were left in deep shock after security operatives beat up a woman and her two kids in public, battering them for selling her wares in a non-selling area.

The shocking incident recorded on tape has left many people in deep shock. The officials of the Kampala capital city Authority (KCCA) of Uganda, grabbed and pushed the helpless woman and her kids to the ground, dragged her through the mud along with a one year old child she had tied to her back and hauled into a double cabin pickup truck.

The vehicle sped off towards the KCCA headquarters in the city center. The KCCA and street vendors have been in conflict since last month when the authority ordered them off the streets of Kampala. People said it was disturbing how a helpless woman was manhandled for such a petty offence.


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