‘MMM Is A Blessing In Disguise To Nigerians’ – See Why This Nigerian Benefactor Thinks So



Just like some Nigerians, I was once paranoid about “MMM” which has been one of the household names in the lips of Nigerians. I was afraid it might be a scam and that triggered me to make some research online about the scheme and to be honest, what I found was not that encouraging but the testimonies I also saw were sufficient enough to make me give it a try.

People that are against MMM are those that are always very careful about the little amount of money they have. Probably because they are not ready to take the risks or they have been victims of “networking schemes” and online businesses that didn’t pay them well, so they are skeptical about MMM. Some are just naïve about how the whole thing works and are not just interested because of their personality or believe.

The Banks are furious because they can’t just believe that any deposit scheme can promise a 30% interest rate after 30days. I believe they are now recording low number of fixed-depositors and that’s why they are trying all means to halt the growth of MMM. The customers no longer queue in banks to request for loans which they seldom approve, they don’t care about the poor customer services they render.

The people I can’t phantom why they are concerned about MMM is the National Assembly members; especially the House of Representatives that have been dormant for long if not for the budget padding saga. They are yet to pass any bill that will bring about employment and revive the bad economy, yet they have the time to debate on a scheme that is acting as a panacea to the bad economy we have been facing in this regime.

MMM to me and many others is a blessing or a wonder like they tag it; a religious friend of mine said it is God-sent to relieve Nigerians of the current hardship. It is a blessing to Students that no longer need to depend on others and their parents to feed and get essential commodities.

MMM is acting as a relieve scheme to Corps members and now they don’t longer have to rely on the 19,800 stipend being paid to them by the Govt. (the House of Reps members are yet to pass a bill for the increment). Corpers can now feed well, live fine and even start businesses that can sustain them in the nearest future.

Workers that are short-paid and don’t get paid regularly are no longer worried because MMM will surely pay them after 30 days. Even Bankers are enjoying from MMM; the unemployed also are not left out. The benefits of “MMM” to an average Nigerian is numerous.

I read online that the lower house of legislature said the scheme meant trouble for Nigerians and should therefore be stopped. What came to my mind afterwards was that they are ignorant of how the system works and that there is no central account they can close-nobody to arrest.

Those into MMM are aware of the risk and don’t need the Politicians to watch out for them, rather they want them to focus on why they were voted in. I have seen people that now have more than a million in their accounts in few months via the scheme and have not scam or been scammed by anybody.

The only thing that can crash the system is tension which I believe they are trying to do but it won’t work out because those involved are not oblivious of the risks. The number of new members is increasing daily and the MMM website is now one of the 10 most visited websites in Nigeria.

The Govt. should be happy now that people are surviving- not begging and living in penury. They should also create other means for Nigerians to make money and live their “Wonder-Bank” or “Rob Peter to Pay Paul Scheme” for them alone.

A concerned writer


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