Man Who Rap*d Lady After She Fell 150ft Down A Cliff Jailed 5 Years, But Her Mom Feels Sentence Is ‘Too Small’


A Thai s*x attacker who brutally assaulted an American backpacker after she fell 150ft down a cliff has been jailed for five years.

Hannah Gavios, 23, (pictured) broke her back and lay helpless trapped on rocks while Apai Ruangwong, 28, subjected her to a hours of s*xual assault. She was rescued the next morning on September 2 but had lost all feeling in her legs – and is still in hospital in New York having physiotherapy.

Twisted Ruangwong was sentenced to ten years earlier this month but that was halved after he pleaded guilty to the obscene behavior and causing serious injury.

Miss Gavois’ mother Gwen Gavois – who is currently raising money for her medical care – slammed the sentence. She said ‘Hannah will suffer the consequences of the attack for the rest of her life’.


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