How I Ended Up Sleeping With My Wife’s Young Sister In Her House – Father Of 2 Confesses


The man shared his story on yoanswers, telling stunned readers about his wife’s sister.

According to him, he had s*x with the woman and now the experience haunts him.

Below is how he put the story:

I gave my sister-in-law a lift when I saw her at the bus stop. When I dropped her off at home, one thing led to another and we ended up in bed.

The s*x was fantastic but I am full of guilt.

I am 36 and happily married with a lovely wife and two sons.

My wife’s sister is 24, single, lively and very career-minded.

She has just got her own flat and was catching the bus home from work because her car was in the garage for repairs. She waved to me as I drove past and I offered her a lift, even though she lives on the other side of town.

We have always got on well, so we were soon chatting away and laughing and she invited me to stop for a coffee and see her flat.

I texted my wife to say I was running late.

We sat together on the settee and, when she leaned across me to reach the remote control for the TV, we kissed.

It just seemed so natural. Within minutes we were tearing one another’s clothes off and having s*x.

She felt bad afterwards and we both agreed to tell no one — and that it would be a one-off, not to be repeated.

I was OK for the first week, but as time is passing I find I cannot look my wife in the face any more.

I couldn’t get an erection last night and she thinks I am just tired from work.

Part of me just wants to tell her and get it all out in the open so we can move on.


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