Horror! Woman Kills Another Lady by Pushing Her in Front of a Moving Train…Shocking Details (Photos)


A woman has shocked people with her dastardly act after pushing another woman in front of a fast moving subway train. Melanie Liverpool-Turner, a 30-year-old woman, has been arrested by the police.

The woman was arrested for pushing another woman, 49-year-old Connie Watton, in front of a moving subway train in New York.

According to NY Daily News, witnesses said Liverpool-Turner, had been arguing with Watton, at the Times Square-42nd Street station on Monday. Police said the two women did not know each other.
Police spokeswoman said they were both standing on the downtown platform of the 1 train arguing when all of a sudden, Watton was shoved onto the tracks at around 1.20pm and pronounced dead on the scene shortly afterwards,

Metropolitan Transportation Authority worker said Liverpool-Turner looked ‘proud’ as she was led away by police officers. One witness said she saw Turner get arrested. She said: ‘About five minutes ago, 20 police officers escorted her out’. ‘Her head was up, kinda proud of what she did.’

Liverpool-Turner lied and told authorities she pushed a German college student to her death last month, even though police concluded the 19-year-old had committed suicide. Liverpool-Turner underwent a psychiatric exam at Bellevue Hospital, and police sources told the New York Post she has a history of bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

William Aubry, the police department’s chief of Manhattan detectives, said investigators were reviewing surveillance video and interviewing witnesses to determine a motive.


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