Hey Guys, Can You Date A Lady Whose Dad Is A Strong Native Doctor?



Very Funny!! Just had to share this so we can read what you think about this topics A Nigerian “Rasojie” just shared his story online.

Read below:-

I’ve been following up this gal for sometime. Came back home for the xmas holidays, and things started getting real. We did hang out yesterday and she has agreed to visit me @ home anytime this week.

Now the problem is, she told me her Dad is a native doctor.

According to her, she does not like what her father is in to and she is not a part of it. But deep inside me, I’m afraid. I come from a strong Christian family and my mind is telling me this is the unequal yoke talked about in the Bible.

She’s fun and adventurous and s*x might happen. I don’t want to miss that though.

Any advice or experiences? – Drop your Comments.


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