Harrysong Replies Fans Who Called Him G*y Because Of A Doppelganger



Five Star music act, Harrysong has been getting the bashing of his life on social media when a photo of a doppelganger (look-alike) was spotted at the just concluded Lagos Fashion Week dressed like a gay.

The Harrysong look alike was wearing a funny dress which people tagged gay-like and because of the resemblance he shares with the Reggae Blues singer, Harrysong has openly come out to dispute the rumours of being called gay and said through his manager, Desmond Ike Chima:

“My attention has been drawn to a particular photograph of a young man, perceived to be me, circulating the internet.The young man, clad in funny attire and shares a bit resemblance with me has generated serious controversy in the last few hours, leaving my fans in absolute confusion.

The said young man, perceived as gay was mistaken for me and got people, including concerned friends and family demanding clarifications from me. I have received several calls, text mess*ges and emails asking me very embarrassing questions. It feels really sad that someone will ever associate me with such dirty act.

I’m using this medium to state clearly that the person in that photograph is not me and if only you painstakingly look closely into the photograph, you would have known better. I’m straight; I’m not gay and can never be one, not now, not in my life time.

I urge my fans to please disregard the unfounded rumour and let’s concentrate the next big thing coming, which is the release of my next single titled, Bacana, which will drop within the week”.

He shared the image of his doppelganger on instagram and was shocked that his fans thought he was the one in the picture



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