Gbege! See How Angry Groom Throws His Bride Into Dustbin (Video)



In what was supposed to be a happy day for a woman who decided to walk down the aisle with her lover, became an embarrassing and disgusting moment for her.

The pretty bride in a lovely white gown pictured above had envisioned a day of laughter and love. It was the one day she had hoped to be treated as a queen but got disappointed when the matter turned the exact opposite of what she has hoped for.

In the video that is now buzzing the internet, the bride is seen being carried out of a blue, fancy car by her groom and accompanied by friends who watched how she was cruelly dumped into a smelling dustbin.

All that time and effort put into looking beautiful for her special day goes in flames after she finds herself in the worst possible place to be in the world; a trashcan. The groom tries to escape afterwards but a friend of the bride starts hitting him and cursing in their language and the bride follows suit.

See video below;

Gbege nla!


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