Do You Think Is Proper For A Lady To Cook For The Guy She Is Dating?



I find this very interesting to discuss here and I will go straight to the point.

I don’t think its advisable for a lady to always cook for the man she’s dating anytime she’s visits him.if you visit him 5 times,u can cook two times or once for him. It is important that we ladies should know our place in our man’s life.if you are his friend,you act like his friend and if you a re his girlfriend ,you act like one and if you a re his wife, you also act like one.

A woman is meant to be explored..if am dating/courting you and during the course of that I cook all my delicacies for you, what threat will I give you when we get married?

I can’t find myself loitering around a man’s kitchen when am not his wife! What are your opinion ladies?


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