Disgusting!! Boss Forces His Staff To Eat Live Maggots, His Reason Will Shock You (Photo)



A Chinese boss reportedly forced his staff to eat live maggots for failing to reach their respective sales target.

According to reports from a Chinese newspaper Huashang Daily, on November 8, some workers at a sales company in Hanzhong, Shaanxi Province, were forced into eating live maggots, after they failed to reach the targets set by their employer.

The staff numbering about 60 people, were asked to wear yellow jackets while gathering at a public square to serve out their punishment. They were also given Chinese rice wine, to ‘wash down’ their squirming maggots.

One of the employees said:

“Today we are being punished to eat mealworms. For every client we missed, we have to eat four worms.”

A pregnant woman who is also part of the staff, refused to serve the punishment, saying:

‘‘I can’t eat worms now, I can’t drink either, unless I don’t want my baby.”

One of her male colleagues eventually bore her own part of the punishment, to the astonishment of onlookers.

Na wa oo! Is this a boss from hell?


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