Awesome!! Ghana Opens The Highest And Longest Flyover In West Africa (Photos)



President of Republic of Ghana, Joh Dramani Mahama has commission outstanding interchange, a beautiful piece of road infrastructure to reply the old Circle Roundabout in Accra Monday, 14th November, 2016.

According to President Mahama, th interchange becomes the longest an the highest flyover in West Africa.

“It is the longest, highest fly over in West Africa,” the president declared an ecstatic crowd of government officials, party supporters, political leaders and the general public.

The facility, which has three flyover also has a recreational facility, libra bus terminal, restaurant, fire, police ambulance stations.

The site also has an imposing status of Ghana’s first president, Dr Kwame Nkrumah which is “a fitting memory honor of the greatest Pan African

“Nkrumah’s statue will remind peop about the man who led the way to nation’s birth,” the President said.

The project is “not just a modern interchange but a convenient place tourism. The health and happiness citizens are also important,” he strep adding, that the citizenry can always take a stroll at the water park with beautiful lighting architecture.

He said the new interchange will “facilitate easy movement of goods services” on one of the most busy road in Accra.

“Experts estimate that, the congest that used to be created here as a re of the heavy traffic and lack of traffic flow, resulted in an estimated loss o about $100 million per annum to o national economy,” he added.

The president hinted that the Kaso interchange which is also near completion will be commissioned be the end of December 2016. He also promised that a number of interchanges will be built and other major roads will be dual across country in his second term. He mentioned Pokuase interchange, Te motorway road and Accra to Kuma road will also be dual. Ghana is rising and greater times a ahead of us, as he promised. We wil continue to work hard and change l of Ghanaians. The project cost 74 million Euro.

See More Photos Below;


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