Actress Lilian Esoro Reveals She Now Understands What It Means To ‘Only Know Yourself’ Amid Marital Woes


Actress Lilian Esoro and her hubby were both in the news lately as they were several indications that all might not be well with their marriage.

The actress shared a post via her IG that got her fans wondering on happenings in her life and marriage.
She shared the photo above and captioned it with:
This past week I have learned and
finally understood the meaning of dis saying “you only know yourself”
people (family,strangers,’friends) will talk, n even judge you like they are God. hate on you, crucify you, set meetings with others just to run you down, spit on you, your picture, esteem and set it ablaze…. Humans…. they #Think they own your life, #Naaaaaa still i #Rise n remain #Focused, #Calmand #Smiling through it all. #Life is Good


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