7 Do’s And Dont’s To Know When It Comes To Borrowing Clothes



‘Borrow Borrow make me fine’. Sometimes best friends and and siblings tend to borrow clothes from themselves for various reasons but there are some unwritten and spoken rules (called common sense) that have to be followed when asking for or lending out clothes, See Some Of The Rules Below

1. YOU MUST ALWAYS ASK FIRST: never assume you have the right to any person’s hard-earned and carefully curated wardrobe. And especially don’t ask to borrow something when you have already taken it off the hanger and you’re just about to put it in your bag/murse/purse/satchel. Its Rude.

2. NEW CLOTHES ARE OFF LIMITS: New clothes are the reason we’re excited to get up in the morning. We just can’t wait to WORK the mess out of a new pair of shoes or a new tank top or pair of jeans. So do not ask if you can borrow something I just got. I guess I don’t mind if you borrow some of the stuff I’ve already featured, but new clothes are off limits. Maybe I’ll think about letting you borrow it after I’ve already debuted it to the public. And even then I don’t know, because sometimes you have to work a new piece on a few different occasions before anybody notices.

3. RETURN THE CLOTHES ON TIME: There’s nothing worse than lending somebody an article of clothing that you’re never going to get back. Oh but you’re going to get it back. See, the friend you lent it to thinks you forgot about it but NO YOU HAVE NOT. Every day that passes with the item unreturned is a day you sit arms crossed, lips pursed out, going “mmmmhmmm.”

4. YOU MUST RETURN THE CLOTHES CLEAN: Probably the worst thing you can do if you borrow clothes is to return them dirty — arm pit stains, splashes of wine, whatever. It’s courteous to find out how your friend cleans the piece you borrowed, and you should do everything you can to return it to them in the way you borrowed it. If you return something to them in a messed up condition, well now they are less likely to let you borrow anything ever again.

5. I’M ALSO ALLOWED TO BORROW YOUR STUFF TOO: It’s not fair to ask a person to borrow their things if you’re not going to open up your closet, too. But I guess if your closet was so hot, you wouldn’t need to be borrowing clothes in the first place, now would you?

6. DON’T OVER ASK: We are happy to let our friends borrow things for a hot date, a job interview, or a night out on the town, especially when we know that their pocketbook is in a pinch. But just, let’s not make it a regular occurrence. My name is not Mr. Price.

7. THOU SHA NOT BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR YOUR CLOTHES BACK: If you’ve waited forever and a day for so-in-so to return a piece and you really want to wear it, don’t be afraid to ask for it back. It’s yours!

Do you still borrow people your clothes? Feel free to share Your thoughts..


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