5 Women Describe What Happens To Their Bodies During Orgasm (See Here)



There is usually a saying that if you have to ask if you have ever had an orgasm, then you probably never have. This implies that an orgasm is something that is so significant and earth shattering that there is no way you would have one and still wonder if you did.

While this might make sense to some people, it does not work for everyone that way.

There are different kinds of female orgasms and each of them is specific to the person experiencing is. Sure, it might be hard to describe with words but you should know your body well enough to know the signs that you have orgasmed regardless of whether or not it left the earth spinning.

To show you what we mean, five women, in a publication, described what their own orgasms felt like and it can be quite eye-opening.

1. Jess says:

“A really good one starts at the bottoms of my feet and feels hot and tingly, then creeps up my legs and swells till there’s a little explosion.”

2. Tina says:

“It depends — when I’m alone and using my preferred strong vibrator, it’s like lightning up my spine and in my stomach. When I’ve edged myself for hours, it’s like all of my muscles getting warm and full at once. When I’m orgasming with my partner inside me, it’s like the edging orgasm, but deeper, and more concentrated low in my body.”

3. Samantha says:

“It varies. Can be anywhere between: “Ah, that was nice, shall we get some ice cream?” and: “Ultra-sensitive, spastic twitching, uncontrollable pleasure.” It’s a wonderful mental game.”

4. Maria says:

“It feels like the inside of my vag*na is fluttering its wings. Like a f***ing butterfly.”

5. Sonia says:

“Like warm water slowly spreading from my clit outward”

What does an orgasm feel like to you?


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