Must See!! 7 Things Women Always Crave For During Pregnancy


Pregnant women can be troublesome as they tend to disturb people around them. Whatever they want at the moment must be given to them. If not, you will not be able to stand their disturbance at that time.

Here are foods craved by pregnant women.

1. Spicy food

Pregnant women crave for spicy food such as hot red pepper, garlic and curry because it cools off the body making them sweat and not letting them get irritated.

2. Ice cream

A pregnant woman can crave scoops of ice cream in just one sitting. Ice cream is very sweet, with different flavors as many as you want. It is creamy and rich and cools them off and so they tend to take ice cream a lot.

3. Chocolate

Pregnant women can’t get enough of chocolate and they love to have it everywhere around them, in their hand bags, fridge e.t.c.

4. Fruit

Apart from junks, pregnant women crave fruit as well to help keep them and the unborn baby healthy. Fruits are refreshing and keeps the skin fresh and looking young.

5. Soda

Carbonated soda is one of the things pregnant women also crave for. It settles the stomach and makes you feel refreshing. Although there are some types of beverages that should be avoided during pregnancy.

6. Coffee

Coffee decreases depression and headache, no matter how hard doctors try to stop them from taking coffee, pregnant women crave for it so badly that they cannot do without it.

7. Potato chips

Potato chips, are loaded with salt. Pregnant women still do more of it because they always want something to crunch on.

Ladies! These Are 5 Things Men Wish You Knew About Them , Especially Number 1


Maintaining a relationship can be pretty challenging and this is sometimes due to the fact that men and women are different from each other.

This can cause some misunderstanding and confusion especially when one is too impatient to see things from the other’s perspective.

A number of men have taken to social media to talk about the things women get wrong about men and it is pretty eye-opening.

Here are 10 of the most popular ones.

1. Men like to snuggle

One man says, “For some reason, there is a majority opinion that enjoying those things makes you less of a man, but what is more manly than having a beautiful woman snuggle up to you in bed, that is the best feeling in the world.”

2. Men want to be hit on

A commenter said, “Most guys will be happy that you initiated.”

3. Men are emotional too

On the issue that woman feel like men are too emotionless, someone says, “Women need to understand that for some men it’s not a simple matter to access our emotions because we haven’t been trained to express and deal with them our whole lives like you may have been.”

4. Men want to open up but they want to trust you first

As an extension for point 3 above, men would actually be willing to open up if they know you are really listening and would truly understand. One says, “I also wish my girlfriend knew how much I wanted to share with her if I knew she was listening.”

5. ‘Nothing’ could mean ‘Nothing’

One big difference between men and women that often cause rifts is the issue of saying what’s on their mind. When a man asks a woman what’s wrong and she says “nothing,” there is almost a hundred percent chance that something is wrong. But the reverse is not the case with men. If you ask him what is on his mind and he says, “nothing,” he actually means it. One man says, “When you ask us what we’re thinking about and we say nothing, we mean it. Sometimes there really is nothing going on in our heads. Well, you are thinking SOMETHING, just not anything important or memorable.”

Men, what are the other things you wish women understand about you.

How Long Should You Wait Before Having S*x In A New Relationship? (See Here)

African American couple talking together on couch

Sometimes, the difference between a successful relationship and a failed on is timing.

It is not simply about the time you meet your partner, the timing of other activities such as getting married, making love, having kids and so on will matter a lot.

The decision for when to have s*x is usually dependent on each person. There are people who have s*x on the first date, after a few weeks, months and some even wait until marriage.

The main problem with this question is that there is no one answer or one formula. People who sleep together on the first date can go on to have a successful relationship and those who wait until marriage could end up unhappy. Just as with everything else, nothing is for certain.

The main thing you have to ask yourself is, do you want to have s*x and are you emotionally/practically prepared? If your answer to both is yes, then have at it.

Listen to these people’s experience on the matter.

Tina: “I have s*x as soon as possible. Sex is important to me. I do not want to waste time waiting for years only to realise we are not s*xually compatible.”

Cassper: “I am old-fashioned. I will wait a while and also make sure she is not dating anyone else before we go all the way.”

Gbemi: “It depends. I never follow any specific rules. Sometimes, I have s*x on the first date and other times, I can wait months. It has never affected my relationship one way or another.”

Favour: “I let the kissing determine. If we have gotten very comfortable with kissing and being together, then I know it’s time.”

What is your own view on the matter?

10 Unbearable Ways Broke Guys Normally Treat Their Women


Most ladies, if not all, will sneer fulsomely at the thought of going out with a broke guy not because it’s the dream of every girl to date a wealthy guy but because they feel rich guys are less problematic.

As a matter, most broke guys can be sometimes problematic as it requires a lot of patience, endurance and total obedience in order to deal with them in relationships.

Without wasting time, below are the unbearable ways some broke guys usually treat women.

1. He Nags At The Mention Of Money

The best way a lady can find a way into the heart of a broke guy is to avoid asking him for money. By so doing, the guy will shower her love as he sees her as someone who loves him for whom he is. When a lady demands unnecessarily from him, the guy will see her as a money monger and may be forced to throw punches at her.

2. He Only Shows Love In The Bedroom

They feel buying shakara or pepper soup for their babe is extravagant spending and you hear stuffs like *me I can’t waste my money on Mr. Biggs. Any lady that can’t eat in my house is not a wife material* Thier only way of showing love and affection to their girlfriends is through their joysticks cheesy

3. He Gets Angry Over Irrelevant Things

Most broke guys seem to be very harsh that they quarrel over irrelevant things so that their girlfriends will pay loyalty to them. When their girlfriends misbehave, they are quick to make reference to the fact that it’s because they’re broke that they are being disrespected.

4. He Becomes FBI

As a chronic broke guy from birth till now, I think can relate to this, in the sense that, broke guys do not really trust their girlfriends that much because they feel the possibility of being cheated on is very high as they’re not man enough to their basic needs. By the reason of this, they check the phone of their girlfriends for suspicious whatsapp messages, incoming and outgoing calls just to accuse them of infidelity.

5. He Forcefully Collects Back His Gifts When The Lady Offends Him

As funny as it sounds, some guys spend their hard earned money on ladies just to command total obedience and faithfulness. If the lady messes up, the guy will be forced to collect back his money or gift. I remember when I bought an okrika shoe for my girlfriend sometime last year, she began to misbehave the following day and I collected the shoe from her and gave it to my younger sister.

6. They Go In Search Of Another Lady When They Become Rich

Another unbearable way some broke guys treat ladies is that they will dump the ass of that girl that have been staying with them through trying times. This is because they feel she no longer match their standard

7. He Denies Impregnating His Girlfriend

A research which was conducted last year shows that 90% of broke guys who impregnate their girlfriends are most likely to deny it. For those who cannot deny, they will blame the lady for carelessness and will opt for abortion without even giving her a kobo

8. He Only Shows Love On Valentine’s Day

To be very frank and sincere, valentine’s day is not the only way to show love to a woman. Some broke guys only take their girlfriends on dates only during special occasions like Christmas or her birthday while some will break up to avoid spending

9. They Tell Their Girlfriends To Go For Low Cut Whenever Money Is Required For Making Hair

Some of them can’t even follow their girlfriends to the salon because of the fear of paying. This is an unbearable way of showing love to a lady

10. They Flash Incessantly

I have guys in my villa who incessantly flash ladies as if their lives depend on them. When the girl asks for recharge card they will start thinking she wants to scam them.

I drop my pencil at this juncture

Feel free to add yours

Writer:- Tosyne2much

Nine Reasons Why Married Women Stay With Cheating Husbands


Janet and her two children kept cuddling on the bed while her husband’s phone rang for the seventh time in five minutes. It was a Saturday afternoon.

Soon enough, the sound became “deafening” and she had to answer the call to tell the person to call back in few minutes when he would have finished in the bathroom.

“The contact of the person calling was saved as ‘James office’ so I felt the person should be one of his colleagues and so I didn’t hesitate to use ‘sir’ when I answered the call, but I was surprised to hear a female voice,” she recalled.

Notably, that call did not only open Janet’s eyes to the fact that her husband had been cheating on her, she also got to know how long she had been sharing her man with another woman, or even other women in their nine-year-old marriage.

Janet said, “The moment I answered the call, the lady calling screamed in anger even before I could say a word. I think both of them were supposed to be somewhere at that time because my husband was also rushing to go out for an ‘appointment’. She even asked (him) if it was his ‘stupid wife’ that was delaying him. When she finished ranting, having said so many things that left me in shock, I simply asked who she was, and she answered, ‘so what’ and she dropped the call.”

Apparently shocked, Janet said she confronted her husband and that instead of apologising, he was furious and even told her she could pack her things and leave his house if she was no longer comfortable.

She added, “Before then, I had heard him countless times making silent calls and he would always terminate the call once I was approaching, but I didn’t want to assume wrongly, until that day that everything was confirmed.

“He has not changed because I have c@ught him many times after that. I can’t leave him, because God is against divorce and for the sake of my children.

Even though the relationship is not as exciting as it used to be, the couple are still together and had even had another child after that.

According to findings, being cheated on can be emotionally and psychologically draining, but interestingly, Janet’s experience is representative of what many women go through in marriage. Studies have shown that about 70 per cent of men cheat on their wives and that 17 per cent of divorce cases are caused by infidelity.

But, beyond religious teachings that admonish people to stay in marriage ‘for better, for worse,’ it would be interesting to know the reasons women stay with cheating spouses:

Children: Findings have shown that one of the reasons women tend to stay with a husband that cheats on them is to protect and properly raise their children in the man’s house, especially if they would not be allowed to go with the children. Even if they are unhappy in the man’s house, they still prefer to stay than live in luxury outside his home. A psychologist, Prof. Oni Fagboungbe says, “If the woman already had children with the man, she tends to feel that her absence in that house would expose her children to maltreatment and they would suffer, especially if the man marries another woman. So, women tend to stay, just to look after their children, and that is the consolation for them.”

Societal discrimination: According to a report on Huffington Post, one other reason women tend to stay with cheating husbands is societal perception. In a bid to avoid being the subject of gossip and unpleasant reference among friends, colleagues, family members, neighbours and even siblings, some women have had to put up with cheating husbands. Fagboungbe also adds that such women would rather stay with the man than allow people see them as jumping from one man to another or for people to count how many men they have dated. He said, “In the African culture, some people see a woman’s exit from her husband’s house as a sign of her incapability to manage her home. So, such women want to stay to avoid such talks.”

Social security: According to Divorced Moms, a website where divorced mothers share their experiences, this is another reason most women would prefer to stay with a cheating husband rather than pack out of the house, whether to live alone or worse still go back to their parents. Thus, women with cheating husbands tend to see such men as ‘half bread is better than none’. On this, the psychology professor say, “From psychological perspective, there is a personality structure called ‘id’, which is very fragile, feeling insecure and would always look for somebody to lean on. Every human being has this personality component but it is more active in women than in men. So, that sense of insecurity would make women want to stay because leaving the marriage could make them see themselves as vulnerable and unsafe.

Financial dependence: Customarily, men are expected to fend for their families, and if that had been the case in such a home, some women tend to depend on their husbands for money to take care of the family, especially if they are not working or not making reasonable income. Such women are even more likely to stay if the husband is rich and has influence in the society. So, according to one of the reports, to avoid losing out or being stranded, such women tend to stay, more so if he still pays the bills and fulfils his obligations in the home. The fear of having to start afresh can also compel women to stay. It is more so if their self esteem is tied to the man’s status, thus, they would stay to sustain their self esteem and well-being. This view was also supported by the divorced mothers who shared their thoughts on their website.

Past contributions to the union: Some experts have also found that women who are the breadwinner of their homes or women who have contributed immensely to the sustenance of the union and running of the home tend to endure the man’s infidelity and excesses.

No more fears of the unknown: Some women believe that almost every man cheats, and for such women, not having seen their husbands with another women simply means he has not been c@ught, and not because he is not guilty. Thus, for some of these women, they feel better when they know and they could move on. It is for no reason that such women include contraceptives like condoms when the husband is travelling and they tend to warn their husbands not to bring the woman home. For such women, they would rather stay with the known person than going to meet an unknown man outside.

To avoid being blamed for failure of the marriage: It has also been observed that some women would rather endure a man’s infidelity or wait for the marriage to crash on its own rather than opt out of the marriage, simply because they don’t want all fingers pointing to them as the reason the marriage failed.

Planning revenge: For some who least expect their husbands to cheat on them, marriage counsellors also found that getting back at the man could be a way to assuage the betrayal. In fact, previous studies have found that one of the reasons women cheat is revenge. Thus, some women who feel betrayed by a cheating man could resort to (discreet) cheating to feel better. To them, if the man does his and they do theirs, there would be no problem.

Optimism: According to Ruth Houston, who is the founder of,women who have cheating husbands tend to be optimistic that such would not happen again especially if the man apologised or they both went for counselling. This is even more so when religious leaders intervene, admonishing the woman to stay or banning the devil in the home or rebuking the enemies. On the other hand, some women tend to forgive the man for betraying the trust, whilst hoping there wouldn’t be a repeat.

5 Foods To Avoid If You Want Great S*x (1 & 4 Will Shock You)


It is easy to lose all your self-confidence when you can never last longer than a few short minutes of s*x. And any woman would look at you differently if you don’t have the ability to bring her to the pinnacle of s*xual pleasure.

Nothing is more humiliating to a man than the failure to perform in bed. Being able to satisfy a woman in bed and bring her to climax, is the ultimate dream of almost every Man, But most times, The foods we eat, Our Life style and so many other thing, deprive us the please that come with great s*x.

In this article, we will talk about 5 foods to avoid if you want great s*x. These foods are responsible for your poor s*xual performance. Avoid them and become good in love making.

1. Sugar And Artificial Sweeteners


Yes they may give you a quick high, but it won’t last long before you crash. And if you crash during s*x, things could get messy. Sugar hides in many foods including bread, condiments, tomato sauce, soda drinks and fruit juices.

Even though the sugar contained in fruit juice is “natural” it’s not natural for your body to process fruit without the fiber to slow down sugar absorption. Artificial sweeteners are even worse because they are manufactured from chemicals.

Make sure you avoid like the plague, any foods containing high fructose corn syrup – and always read food labels before eating them.

Sugar can also causes metabolic dysfunction. Eating too much sugar causes a barrage of symptoms known as classic metabolic syndrome. These include weight gain, abdominal obesity, decreased HDL and increased LDL, elevated blood sugar, elevated triglycerides and high blood pressure. It increases your uric acid levels. Sugar is really bad for you.

All hope is not lost if you are facing the problem of premature ejaculation, watery sperm, weak erections and others as a result of too much sugar in your body.

2. Wheat Meal


Eating wheat is the equivalent of injecting yourself with sugar. Your insulin is spiked, then it crashes. Wheat also contains gluten which causes many digestive disorders.

Sluggish digestive system means a sluggish brain, which means loss of s*xual dexterity. Wheat is a common ingredient found in cereals, bread, sandwiches, muffins, bagels, biscuits, cakes, meat patties, processed meats and as a thickening agent. You see, wheat is found in many of the foods you eat every day.

For a great s*x life and optimum s*x satisfaction, minimize your wheat consumption and eat more of fruits like, onion, banana, gingers.

Most men suffer from weak erection, premature ejaculation, low sperm count and others. The these is the reason why their women are never satisfied with them.

3. Foods Which Contain Preservatives


Unfortunately your body hasn’t evolved to process man made preservatives, many of which have been linked to cancer and other unwanted disorders. Preservatives directly affect your ability to perform in bed and are found in almost all packaged foods including condiments – mayonnaise, humus, tomato sauce, potato chips, corn chips, etc.

Always go with foods that are healthier,always go with natural foods that improve your s*x life.

4. Beer


You know where those beer bubbles go: your stomach. And what goes in must come out in a burp, fart, or uncomfortable belly bloat. Drinking alcohol in excess can make having good s*x difficult. Clinical psychologist and alcohol expert says this is because alcohol reduces both men’s and women’s s*xual sensitivity.

In both s*xes, s*xual response is reduced by regular and prolonged drinking. In men, alcohol can cause difficulties getting and maintaining an erection – while women may experience reduced lubrication, find it harder to have an orgasm, or have orgasms that are less intense.

Many people mistakenly believe that alcohol can help them last long in bed. However, over time too much alcohol can actually put a dampener on your s*x drive.

5. Coffee


A cup of coffee in the morning can induce a happy mood but too much of it can spike up stress hormones, such as cortisol, in your body.

Too much caffeine can cause stress and hormonal imbalances. So, if you are in the mood for some romance and love, it is best to decrease the coffee intake from you and your partner’s diet. Next time if you want better s*x, don’t take too much coffee.

Do you Know? Women Love Good Sex! Not just any type of s*x, but good s*x – the type that makes them scream your name with pleasure as they get intense orgasms.

Ladies, Doing These Things Will Make Your Fiance Dump You (See Here)


Some people find it strange to discover that ladies who were engaged and set to married are back to the single and searching lane. Often times, people want to know what happened and why they broke up with their partners.

Many ladies in the society feel they do not have much to do once they are in a relationship that is heading towards marriage. Some of them become filled with pride as they live practically like they are married and see no reason why they should work so hard on themselves.

There are certain things men detest in women they are dating. As much as courtship is important for the growth of a relationship, it may also serve as an eye-opener to the guys who want to marry the ladies.

In view of this, you will understand that it is not that strange to see a young lady become single again after being engaged. However, if you do not want to be in this situation, there are certain things you need to stop doing if you do not want to get dumped.

Find below some of the things you should never do if you do not want your fiance to break off the engagement:

1. Selfish

Men try their best possible in ensuring the comfort and safety of the women they want to spend the rest of their lives with. But when the ladies they are trying to please become overbearing, then there is a problem.

In as much as ladies have lots of people they confide in when it comes to relationship goals, men also have people they turn to for advises in their affairs. If he finds you to be selfish and unyielding, he may break off the engagement.

2. When you are boisterous

Pride comes before a downfall. If your fiance discovers you are arrogant after he had gotten engaged to you, he may go ahead to break it since marriage is a life-long journey.

This will be right for him to do since a broken relationship is better than a broken marriage. As a lady, if you keep acting like you are made to be pampered while the man is made to sweat all his life providing for you, you may end up being single again.

3. If you do not know how to make your man happy

Some women need to be reoriented when it comes to making their men happy. The era whereby women walk into relationships glowing and acting like queens is over.

Men want to settle down with women who have a lot to offer them while married. There is absolutely no point in getting hitched to someone who cannot make you happy.

4. If his family disapproves of you

There are cases where a man may break up with you if his family members withdraw their support. This could be due to them discovering some things about your past that could affect their son in the long run.

Being engaged to a man is not enough, you have to love his family and offer them the support they want in as much as you want to enjoy your relationship.

3 Signs You Are Not The Only One Enjoying Him (Number 3 is Always Obvious)


When it comes to Cheat!ng if your guts are telling you something is not right, chances are you are right.

However in order to be sure you are not just in full paranoia mode, it is wise to consider the signs that tell if he is looking another way.

Carefully watching out for the signs will let you know where your relationship stands.

Men are smart creatures but not so smart. It is hard to tell when a man is getting it somewhere else but it s not impossible.

A man that is getting  his manh**d taken care of by another woman will show some certain signs that may  appear number because of how he lies about it but be careful not to fall a victim of a Cheat!ng relationship.

1. He keeps working late

If he suddenly starts working late then it is a clear sign he might be getting somewhere else.

If he however explains he is working on a project at work and there is evidence he is not just staying away for something else then it is fine. Anything outside of this is a red sign and you should start praying.

2. He follows a lot of $exy women on social media

If he follows too many hot women at once then you need to start looking out and paying more attention.

Naturally men are attracted to what they see that is nice, so even if he has no bad intention he is stepping in unprotected territory and anything can happen.

3. He suddenly cares more about his hygiene and how he looks

If he’s suddenly working out all the time and cares a great deal about his appearance then you should be raising your brows.

If weirdly shy with his body around you and doesn’t want you to see him with his shirt off, and only wants to have $ex in the dark then it might mean he has been disloyal and now feels guilty about it

5 Important Things We All Get To Learn From Breakups


A breakup is not the end of the end of the world, no matter how grim it initially. For some rare, lucky people, they fall in love with only one person ever.

By some unlikely conspiracy of nature, they stay through the years with that one person and their relationship withstands all the tests of time, till death does them part.For many, however, it is most likely that before they finally find ‘the one,’ they would have been through a number of relationships that were not really what they thought they were getting into.

What results from these instances are heartbreak, sadness, and other negative emotions that many people would rather not go through.

However, experience, they say, is the best teacher, and people get to learn not only from their pleasant memories, but also from the unpleasant ones.

As a matter of fact, there are always more lessons to learn from unpleasant situations than from pleasant ones.

What lessons, therefore, does heartbreak teach people that have gone through it before?

1. Never let people decide what is good for you and what is not.
Your friends should not be the ones telling you that you need to break with your boyfriend or girlfriend.
Everyone deserves to make their own choices and though your friends might be concerned for you, the ultimate decision to pull the plug on the relationship lies with you, and you alone.

2. The heart can take more pain than you know

The pain that comes from a very bad, undeserved, and unpredicted breakup is a very intense one.

No one deserves such sadness, really.

The truth, though, is that when such thing occurs, one might be moved into thinking that that is the end of the world, but it is not.

The heart mends after a while. It might feel so unbearable at first, but with the right moves, you’ll be fine in the end.

3. You will learn that it is better to let go than to keep forcing an affair with someone who is clearly not right for you.

Many get to learn this the hard way

4. You will learn that most people don’t deserve a second chance. There was a reason it didn’t work the first time, right?

5. You can’t change someone’s mind if they don’t want a relationship.

The main thing is for you to learn from these mistakes as you let yourself feel the warmth of love once again.

Once bitten twice shy. You should not be falling into the same mistake twice, right?

Revealed! 9 Reasons Why Nigerian Women Pretend To Be Uninterested In S*x


We have heard this said time and time again, ladies pretending they are not really interested in s*x but once they get in the bedroom, things change.

According to a social media post, there are nine reasons why women pretend.

1. To prove she has less partners than she has actually had

Some women say no with the aim of portraying themselves as secondary v*rgins. They say no so you can assume they had only had s*x a few times.

2. To give the assumption that they are chased

Women want to feel like they gave in because the man did not let up on going after them. They do not want to admit they actually wanted him.

3. They don’t see it as something to flaunt

Unlike men, women do not see s*x as a badge of honour. They do not see it as something they have to announce and flaunt.

4. They want you to beg for it

She considers s*x a favour and does not want to simply give in without some form of grovelling.

5. First time is toughest

For the first time you are with her, you will need to put in some effort. Afterwards, she will reveal her true self.

6. They are pretenders

Women are used to pretending to be what they are not. For instance, they pretend they are not really into you or that they do not find you s*xually attractive.

7. They want to see how sharp you are

A woman wants someone that is smart and confident. One of the proofs of such intelligence is being able to woo her into having s*x with you.

8. They do not want to be used

Most women know that if they outrightly tell you how much they love or want s*x, men will take advantage of that and used and dump them.

9. They do not want to look cheap

Women pretend not to want s*x so they will not come across as cheap. While a man is allowed to be a horndog and chase women, women are not allowed to come across the same way.