If My Husband Can’t Satisfy Me In Bed, I Will Divorce Him Immediately — Miss Tourism Nigeria



Faithfulness Kennedy made the declaration in a chat with Potpourri of Vanguard. When asked about her opinion on premarital s*x, she said:-

“Sex is healthy for a relationship; it obviously builds a connection between the partners, it builds a kind of bond and trust.

In this our modern world, everybody’s eye is shining, imagine dating for two years without s*x (do u really love me?) Okay, and we finally get married and then on our honeymoon night when we are supposed to go gaga you’re now acting like a donkey, I will divorce you immediately!

I’m very serious, because at that point the love has dropped. I am telling you this because of some people that will pretend and say they will just stay for staying sake and have s*x partners outside; my dear, prevention is better than cure.

If we are in a relationship and you can’t satisfy me well in bed, you are a donkey, I’ll leave you, I don’t care if you are a billionaire, just know if I stay I’m staying because of your money.”


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