Checkout The 4 People Who Have Rejected Buhari’s Nomination And Their reasons



It seems Nigeria is indeed in the era of change as things that seems imposible in the beginning is now happening live and direct in the country. The nomination of a particular set of people to come and have a working place in the government used to be a great news to such people, but recently we have had more than three people president Buhari nominated for a post and they rejected it without wasting time.

Below is the list of four people who showed no reluctant attitude in rejecting the nomination of president Buhari and their respective reasons for doing so:

1.Dr. Usman Bugaje


Dr Bugaje who is a writer on national and international issue is one of the newest persons to have rejected the president’s  ambassadorial nomination. And he said he’s not going to reveal the reason for his action o the media as it is best known to him.

2. Mrs. Dame Pauline Tallen


Dame Pauline is the former deputy Governor of Plateau state, She is also one of the few women to  be member of trustees in APC. She was nominated for ambassadorial post by president Buhari but she rejected the offer.

In her speech to the presidency, she thanked the government for the nomination as it’s a joyful thing seeing her counted to be worthy of those that can drive this nation forward, but she said her husband needs her urgent attention as the husband is currently on sick bed.

3. Professor Akintunde Akinwande

Professor Akintunde Akinwande who is a professor of Engineering was honored by President Buhari to serve in the Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) as chairman but the idea is totally wrong to him. He simply rejected the offer due to the fact that he wasn’t consulted before he was nominated.

4.Hajiya Najatu Muhammad


Najatu Muhammad aka hajiya Naja is one of President Buhari’s supporter during the last general election but the news of her rejecting a post by the president shocked many people. Hajiya Naja was nominated by PMB to become the next chairperson of the governing board of the Dutse federal university through a paid advertorial on a national daily. Najatu replied the president saying: “Sir, I Najatu Muhammad wishes (wish) to thank you so much for considering me worthy of being appointed the chairperson of Dutse Federal University. “It’s however unfortunate that I was not consulted before the announcement in the media. I also regret that I have to use the same medium to announce that I can’t accept the appointment for personal reasons.”


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