Shocking Photos Of A Python That Swallowed A Pregnant Goat & A Male Goat In Lagos



A huge python was killed by some men and discover two goat inside the snake.

According to the eyewitness;

This happened in my friend’s street. I saw it with my eyes. A python came out from a canal near a woman’s house and entered her goat house, swallowed one pregnant and one male goat.

The woman came out in the morning to feed her goats, when she was about to enter the goat house she now saw a big python on the floor.

The python could not move again. The woman ran with her both legs shouting. All the people in the neighborhood came out. This happened in Bucknor Okoye street in Jakande Lagos.

I pity those that always buy land in swampy areas, all in the name of answering a landlord or landlady. To tell u the truth, if those goat were to be little kids sleeping, the python would have swallowed them as well.

See More Photos Below;




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