Shocker! Drunk Policeman Strips Woman N*ked And Assualts Her In Broad Daylight


According to Daily Motion, a drunk police officer has allegedly stripped n*ked a woman, Mary Njeri, in public and later beat her up together with her son at Mwituria village, Laikipia county in Kenya.

An in-law to the victim had reported at the Ngobit police station that her two sacks of beans had been stolen. This made a plain-clothed police officer to come down to the village to investigate the matter. But he was drunk.

During his supposed investigation, the officer saw a dry leaf of beans in Mary Njeri compound and accused her of being the culprit behind the stolen sacks of beans.

The angry residents noticing the officer was drunk tried to attack him and this was said to have angered oga officer after taking the woman to a police station where she was stripped Nakked and beaten together with her 13-year-old son.

The officer also claimed his handcuffs which he dropped while drunk was stolen by the woman. ”He said that I had stolen the handcuffs from him and he started dragging me around as he beat me. He kept saying I was hiding the handcuffs under my dress so he removed my clothes and dragged me outside,” the woman reportedly said.


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