See The World’s First Clock Made Entirely Of Trucks. You Won’t Believe This (Photos)



A lorry firm has created what it claims is the world’s first clock made entirely of trucks. Comprising 14 lorries, along with 90 drivers, the huge clock face was created on a deserted air field, on an unknown site measuring 750,000 square feet (70,000 square metres).

The massive clock started ‘ticking’ earlier this week and ran non-stop for 24 hours.

‘Trucks are huge, powerful machines, but they’re also intricately designed, refined instruments. Just like watches,’ explains Staffan Arvas, Head of Marketing Communications at Scania, the Swedish vehicle firm responsible for the time-keeping stunt.

‘Each truck had to be optimised for its specific task in the clock, and real-time monitoring and analysis through our connected services made the whole operation possible’.

In order to create the gigantic timepiece, the trucks that made up the second hand had to drive on a round track in a perfect circle every 60 seconds for 24 hours.

The inside truck had to maintain a constant speed of 13 km/h, while the outside truck had to hold a constant speed of 53 km/h, says Scania.

The trucks making up the minute and hour hands, had to stick to a perfectly synchronised sequence of starts and stops in order to keep the enormous clock ticking in time.






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