School Principal Comes Under Heavy Fire for Allowing this to Happen Under His Watch…Shocking Details

A school principal who allowed a certain evil to be perpetrated under his nose, has come under severe bashing.
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A school principal has been accused of negligence and insensitivity after allowing weapons to be brought in by students.
The principal’s action was exposed after a student was stabbed last month by other students.
The mother of the 18-year-old pupil who survived the brutal attack by his classmates at the beginning of the month is not happy with the way the school handled the matter.
According to Daily Sun SA, the mother, a 45-year-old woman from Umlazi, south of Durban, South Africa, revealed that she attended a meeting on Saturday.
“The principal told me that he knew about the spiked gloves that were used to attack my son. The parents of the pupils who beat my son asked the principal to allow them to wear the weapons when they walk to school to protect themselves from thieves.
“I don’t understand why the principal allowed dangerous objects to enter the school gate. The same gloves they claimed they were wearing for protection were used to attack my son,” said the angry mother.
“The education department is letting my son down as he hasn’t returned to school, while his attackers continue their studies.”
The boy was attacked by five classmates a few metres outside the gate after school. He was beaten so badly that he was unconscious for a few hours.
“He still sometimes bleeds from his nose. He insists that he can’t go back to school as he is afraid. I need this matter to be handled differently. I want my son to finish his studies too,” his mother said.
Education spokesman Sicelo Khuzwayo said: “We’re urging the mother to send her son back to school. The pupils involved were disciplined and we believe they learned from their mistake.”
Lieutenant-Colonel Shooz Magudulela said a case of assault was opened by Bayview cops.


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