PARA MOOD!! Man Walks Into Apple Store & Calmly Smashes Every iPhone In Sight



This is so funny and cruel…Who knows what happened to this man to send him into such an anti-Apple rage? Maybe he bought a brand new iPhone 7 only to discover that it doesn’t have a headphone jack?.

Perhaps he’d had some kind of tech glitch that sent him over the edge – or a message on a dating app that sent him into a meltdown. Or maybe he just really hates the company.

For whatever reason, the unknown unhappy customer decided to let loose with a metal ball in a French Apple store, calmly and methodically smashing up every iPhone in sight.

Untroubled by security for some time, the man – wearing sunglasses and a backpack – used what appears to be a metal pétanque ball to cause the damage.

He muttered in French as he did so, before a guard eventually came over and challenges him.

The identity of the man is not yet known.



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